Saturday, December 01, 2012

Ride Before the Storm

I woke up with a sore lower back...a sign of advancing age and, sadly, weight.  Nonetheless, I was able to motivate myself to ride my bike after popping 3 Advil and pumping up the tires.  The total trip ended up being 16 miles (26km).  I wanted to ride tomorrow instead but there was still a risk of major windstorm at that time (which the computer models abandoned by the time I got home),

Thanks to fairly brisk winds (20 - 30 mph/ 17-26 knots/32-48 kph), it seemed more like 30 miles (48km) after fighting headwinds and lateral winds.  Sometimes I felt like the sail on Sweet Bluesette.

Here are some pics:

The Oregon Coast range kept us in sunshine for the morning.

Stay on the sunny side, always on the sunny side.
The leading edge of the oncoming front with cirrus clouds followed by cumulus and cirrostratus.
Farewell sun, we hardly knew ye.
Some mushroom activity next in a grass sidewalk strip next to a non-descript industrial building.
The larger stools were close to 12 inches (30cm) in width.
Drink from the cup and you could wind up in the land of Willy Wonka.  Or dead.
The state and national flags were at constant attention on this ride.
Rock creek always floods early and often during the winter.

Rose hips and snowy berries with a man made pond beyond.

Goodbye, Mr. Blue Sky...those E.L.O lyrics went through my head as I saw the last of our blue sky off to the east.

I came home a bit chilled about 30 minutes before the rain started.  I took an afternoon nap with a nice warm blanket to get part way back to normal.  My lower back is still complaining, but it was a nice ride nonetheless.