Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wenatchee Complex Fires

People tend to think of Portland and Seattle as havens as rain and, for 9 months of the year, they are correct. However, the entire region goes quite dry in July, August, and September.  Seattle missed their dry spell record by 3 days this year and Portland has had just 0.04" since July 20th.

On the day Portland had 0.04", it was due to a line of north-south thunderstorms that were not forecast but popped up anyway.  We were at the Audubon Society of Portland with our little pal, Nicholas, who we were giving a birthday hangout day to (middle child syndrome can be a pain).  It got a bit dark and gray here with thunder, lightning, and a bit of rain in Portland for about an hour.

By the time it reached central Washington and Chelan County, the moisture was not reaching the ground but the lightning was.  In the rain shadow of the Cascades, it was the perfect storm for grass and forest fires.  Hundreds of lightning strikes with wind and no moisture dotted the area with fires.  As they coalesced, the Wenatchee Complex fires were the result.  The picture below was taken at the top of Badger Mountain in East Wenatchee looking west towards downtown Wenatchee and the hills the surround it and beyond.

For more brilliant pictures from the area, check out Landon Michaelson's blog right here.

I found a blog on the current conditions right here.

I would like to thank my cousin and my aunt for the updates and I hope for the best for their friends in the area.

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