Friday, February 05, 2010

Astoria Rest Stop


Last weekend Snabby and I took a little break and went to Astoria for some much needed R&R. Although overall the weather was overcast and drizzly, we mostly just wanted to cozy up and not do much, so that worked out perfectly. We had a great time and discovered some new restaurants in the process! We stayed at our favorite place, Hotel Elliott because we love the beds (of course!) and we can just park the car and walk to everything downtown. Our first little excursion was out to Drina Daisey, a new Bosnian restaurant. We had an EXCELLENT wine which even I drank more than one glass of...a huge free hor d'oevres plate with sausage, smoked beef, grilled peppers and a spread made of roasted peppers and eggplant, a HUGE pre-salad with a wonderful light oil & lemon dressing...HUGE entrees (beefstuffed cabbage for me and beef stew for Snabby). I finished up with homemade Baklava. Yum!

Godfather's Books

We also visited our favorite bookstore, a real hippie place with funky used books and VERY lively strange patrons. Evidently they like sitting and talking for hours, don't need to work (several obviously homeless people hung out there), and since they are often over the age of 50 - don't meet the "young, hip & goodlooking" criteria for the more expensive bars.

We did decide to take a little road trip and check out Fort Stevens for lunch on Sunday. We took the leftovers from Drina's for our repast (there was ALOT of food!) and headed out, hoping to sit on the beach near the Peter Iredale...well we missed that turn off and ended up out on the spit. We did not go down actually on the beach as the tide was so high there was barely any walking space. No worries though we just decided to eat on the grass at top of the hill overlooking the ocean. We listened to the waves and watched the birds...

Fort Stevens Pacific Ocean

The sun broke through for a little bit and we even got a little warmth from the cold wind that was blowing. There were a few people here and there...but mostly we were quite alone and thoroughly enjoying ourselves in nature! I forgot to say both of our entrees included lots of beautifully cut fresh fruit and pickled vegetables. I so enjoyed eating all the fruit after finishing up my beefy cabbage! Here's a picture of Snabby looking north, (well he's looking south..but you know what I mean!).

Pacific Ocean Feb 2010

Here's another picture of me taken facing east. We are still on top of the hill at the beach. You can see the Young's Bay in the background and the low mountains that are south of Astoria. On the way back down the hill we saw where deer had passed over the trail.... Also we were able to get in for "free" as one of Snabby's Christmas gifts was a 2 year Oregon State Park pass!

Ladybug Feb 2010 Fort Stevens

We did some more shopping (more about that and some other interesting local lore coming soon on Hypatia's website)... and made another fun discovery of the Fort George Brewery. It was as comfortable as a McMenamin's and had very good food for reasonable prices. (The same cannot be said of some of the other more tourist trafficked haunts like The Supper Club [used to be The Schooner] or the Silver Salmon). It also has a breakfast/daytime cafe in the other part of the building. We are really glad we discovered this place too. It used to be a car repair factory as late as 1998 or so....

Finally I will leave you with a picture of our wonderful bed at the Hotel Elliott..and the elegant red glass lamps...

Wonderful Beds!


ze bulette said...

I love and miss Astoria. We thought about moving there (saw some beautiful huge vics for only $150g back in about 2000) but alas, no jobs there... Drina Daisy looks great, thanks for the heads up.

ladybug said...

I hear you Ze! We've thought of the same thing..although we can take our jobs with us as we work at home. However we did see alot of empty storefronts in downtown. Evidently Walmart is supposed to open up in Warrenton....I'll give a new report if we go back this summer (it may be just a day visit though...).

Damon Schleichert said...

Thank you for all of your kind words about the Hotel Elliott. I am glad your stay and trip went great!

Damon Schleichert
General Manager
Hotel Elliott

Arkonbey said...

Fort George Brewery looks awesome enough to make a Vermonter jealous.

And 'we love the beds'? *waggles eyebrows*

And that's a nice note from the hotel. I got one from the New England aquarium after I posted about a trip there.

Pandabonium said...

Astoria sounds like a wonderful place for a getaway. Would love to browse that bookstore. The Fort Stevens coast looks beautiful. Thanks for the great narrative and pics, especially those of you guys. Hope you can post more often!

オテモヤン said...
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The Moody Minstrel said...

I haven't been to Astoria in ages. The last time I went there was a spontaneous solo drive I took that way back in the late 80s. I've always liked the atmosphere there.

Oxygen-nitrogen just does it for me.

El said...

Dude! Where is your surfboard?