Sunday, August 16, 2009

2009 Country Fair

It was another trip to the Oregon Country Fair this year. This was the 40th anniversary and they celebrated by designing the worst button in their history. I don't have a picture, but they combined their symbol, a peach, with the Forrest Gump/Wal*Mart smily face logo which pretty much negated the kind of "street cred" they were looking for. Nonetheless...

The unique theme for ME this year was connecting with people. I connected with a person from the past and reminisced about old Boy Scout camp staff experiences from 20 years ago. In addition, I made my first ever in-person internet meetup with Ze Bulette (or Catpsi to some) on this trip. I was dropped off about 3 blocks from his home and caught him tending to his canine friends in the front yard. He let me thumb through his Labyrinth Lord rule book and a few other items including a nifty concept of his own, and he dropped me at the bus to catch up with my cohorts at the fair.

The Minisnab also invited a friend on this trip. I will call him Jundoug and he was a real hoot to have along. He also got a big kick out of the fair and we invited him back next year. Here are a few highlights:

While Jundoug and Minisnab toured the University of Oregon, I scaled Skinner Butte (using a really stupid route) and took this shot across downtown Eugene. Spencer Butte is in the background.

For those with gnomophobia, I apologize for this picture.

Ladybug had some beautiful henna work done at the fair. The colorful glitter added to the effect.

Ladybug, Jundoug, and I pose while Minisnab snaps a picture.

My themed parades marched continually through the fair...these look like yellowjackets.

Certainly Green was a theme...

Minisnab shows off her "blue steel" look while Jundoug dons his new horns.

A rhythm wall greeted us on the way out.

Jundoug, MiniSnab, and Ladybug pose near the entrance to The Labyrinth.


ladybug said...

Awesome! This was one of the best for me...especially having Jundoug along. It was fun having someone enjoy their 1st Fair, just like we did so many years ago. I'm definitely going to have another henna done next year!

Arkonbey said...

ha! looks like it was a blast. Does Jundoug know you've plastered his visage all over the internets?

It is always nice to do something/go somewhere you've experienced a lot and bring a newbie. It's like getting a new pair of eyes.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I always enjoy visiting the Oregon Country Fair in spirit through these posts. Maybe sometime (when I'm old and gray) I can see it in person.

ze bulette said...

fun meetin' ya and i will get that disc off to you this week! /slacker

Don Snabulus said...


It did make a lot of difference with him there, also because he knew how to enjoy it.


He agreed to our Terms of Service when he walked in the door. (We all have pics of either slathered over the electronic realm)


It would be a hoot to have you. Hopefully not so long from now.


I need to come up with an excuse to go to Eugene on a game day. I could play an NPC or something for the day. (No worries about the disc. In the spirit of the fair, I would rather you were at ease than worrying about that.)

Pandabonium said...

Looks like "good fun" as they say in Hawaii. I want to find a group of people who dress alike and follow them around (no, not the army). ;^)