Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden Musings....

Time to take stock of where we were, and what craziness is happening in the garden now:

So this was the garden some time in May?...In the farthest row you can see a couple pumpkins getting a good start, along w/a volunteer Hosta (the one w/the white & green bi-colored leaves). The next row has broccoli, a small yellow & green Hosta, and a "mystery" plant (the tallest one in the row). Then comes the spinach row, a so-far negligible cucumber row, and in the last row (off-screen) are onions.

Here's another pic from the front end:

You can see the Bleeding Heart's (Coeur de Marie in French), that are next to the garden, and a better view of the Hosta (which I had planted years ago and completely forgotten about). I think my decisions to fertilize the garden this time around, instead of just "letting nature" do it's work helped alot-especially with the "volunteer" plants! We also did amend the soil with some regular garden soil and some compost (which had probably been working for about 3 years...).

So this is what it looks like now!-

The spinach has actually already been harvested: we tried for a 2nd growth, like with lettuce, but it didn't really work out. The broccoli is finally starting to bloom, the cucumbers took off and our "mystery plant" is getting taller and weirder! What could it be??!!

(Our Liliac trees are in the background: I put down some weed barrier, and lots of barkdust to keep down the grasses/weeds that seem to pop up everywhere here!).

So what is that "mystery plant" you ask?

It is a Double-Bloom Hollyhock! You can also see down on the right some bright yellow Primrose (another volunteer), and the crazy pumpkin vines in the back blooming and twining around the Liliacs. For several years after we had a serious garden, we kind of gave up and I tried to make a flower garden...I planted some Foxglove, the Hostas, some mint, Chinese Lanterns, Daisies, and evidently some Primrose & Hollyhocks! This year we decided to try again, and Snabby rototilled the garden area quite well, so I'm surprised about all the plants that survived that!

Now I've got some crazy pumpkin vine pics:

The vine just keeps going, and going.....

This pic shows how it's reached the house, and then turned to go into the Daylilies. It's also a nice picture of the Pumpkin Blossoms, which close and wither very quickly over the course of just a day or so. So far we have just a couple pumpkins started, but I'm already exited for Halloween!

Finally, here is a pic of some of our bounty - a huge Cucumber (I try keeping up on harvesting them, but they get way from me, hiding under the leaves!), a growing Pumpkin and a Black Krim tomato.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soon to a Geologist

Okay, not so soon in blogging terms, but soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Non-gasoline post coming very soon!

We just a great time at the Oregon Country Fair and I met Ze Bulette! Until then, my last 2 tanks averaged 30 mpg, so maybe that 22 mpg was a result of the sometimes bad traffic jams we have to sit through around here. We'll see how it goes.