Thursday, April 02, 2009

When Disappointment Isn't

Spring vacation was a little different this year. It had to be. Times are tougher for everyone. While I am fortunate to still be employed for now, some good and very capable friends are not. There would be no trips to California or beyond this spring. In fact, due to some interesting circumstances, Ladybug and MiniSnab vacationed for the first part of the week, while I did for the last part thanks to the generosity of Papa-in-law-Snab.

Our travels this year brought us to the southwestern corner of Washington State, about 2 hours driving time from Portland, OR. Ladybug and MiniSnab spent a few rain-soaked days in Long Beach, WA seeing the sites and visiting museums sans camera. I brought mine and enjoyed a dry day and a couple drizzly wet days.

We drove to Leadbetter Point State Park at the northern tip of the Long Beach peninsula. The actual tip is a protected area for the snowy plover, so we hiked down to the Willapa Bay side of the park and looked west over the bay where we found this barnacle-encrusted log.

You Make the Call. Low tide or high tide?

On Friday, we went into over the bridge into Astoria, Oregon for a bit of window shopping, then back to the northern shore of the Columbia river and its confluence with the Pacific at Cape Disappointment. This rocky headland is home to a profusion of cormorants.

If you zoom into this picture, you can see the aftermath of a large wave crashing into the cape. A temporary waterfall.

This is the Cape Disappointment lighthouse in the foreground. Emerging into a background is a large cargo ship emerging from the treacherous Columbia Bar and out into the Pacific.

A cormorant flies through the ocean spray from the surf.

I am a big boy, but not even close to this Sitka Spruce.

This was as close as we came to a sunset. It was still beautiful even in its grayness.


Dave said...

I haven't been to the coast for years. Pretty.

word v. for the day

Well thats kinda beachy!

Pandabonium said...

Nice pics, especially when one looks at the full sized versions. The waterfalls of the crashing wave and the flying cormorant are especially cool.

A lot of interesting history at Cape Disappointment. Thanks for arousing my interest enough to look it up.

WV: Shwoniew - a native American tribe who lived on the banks of the Shwonie River.

ladybug said...

Although it was pretty cold and rainy, it was very relaxing. We also visited the Kite Museum, which really had some very interesting exhibits, and kites from all over the world.

Arkonbey said...

wow. Nice shots (especially the 'aftermath').I do miss the ocean. Even on an overcast day, that sure is pretty.

Cormorants are all over the NW coast (I remember them being everywhere when I was in the USCG up in Seattle).

so, did you clean off your lens since that last shot?

Did you see an USCG 47-footers in the surf at Cape D?

DewKid said...

I'm mostly interested in the UFO in your "sunset" picture. Perhaps you weren't the only one visiting the coast this time of year? ;-)

Don Snabulus said...


Treat yourself. You'll be glad you did.


A number of the local museums are highly focused on Lewis and Clark and their brief time on Cape Disappointment. That area is a graveyard for ships trying to navigate the outlet of the Columbia.


Bummer we couldn't spend it together. Next year!


Curiously, I did not see any USCG craft the whole time which is unusual. There is a station there, but I guess it was a quiet couple of days.

Nah, no lense manipulation needed.


I want to believe! (The UFO sent down thin dark beams trying to abduct people with spools of string. Very strange.)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Oh, man...that was painful to look at! I'm in desperate need of a coast fix. And I don't mean the cemented-up, garbage-infested sand and grass of Kashima, either. I need my basalt headlands!!!!!!

(The forest around Kashima Shrine sings, but the beach here does NOT. Not like the Pacific Northwest coast.)

DewKid said...

Damn them stringy things!! I've seen this before, and strangely only when there is a brisk wind. I will be sure to lock BOTH my shutters and doors when the wind kicks up. Now to call Coast-to-Coast...

Some Monstrous Thing from the Deep said...


Don Snabulus said...


There is a way to cure that longing.

DK and MFTD,

(twirls mustache) Bwahahahah!!!! Are your ocean are belong to us.

A Right WIng Radical Extremist said...

How about some article on our constitutional freedoms as defined by the Department of Homeland Security?

A Left WIng Radical Extremist said... said...

(from a year ago)

How about some article on our constitutional freedoms as defined by the Department of Homeland Security?