Thursday, April 23, 2009

Viva La Compagnie

I added a link to a new blog over on the right called Techxpose (or Tech Xpose or something of the sort). The proprietor and I had a nice Meebo-chat on virtual machines based on my earlier post about virus-proofing. It is new, so go visit and find out the latest tech buzz!


Paul Nelson said...

Thanks for the add onto the links!
I've added your site to the links of Tech Xpose as well!

I'll be checking back on the blog periodically for new content.


DewKid said...

I'm adding a comment, so it doesn't say "from my only friend" anymore. Sheesh!

Don Snabulus said...


Cool. Thanks for stopping by.


Hee hee. Pathetic, ain't I?
(I got tired of seeing a plural for one comments, so I looked up how to change it)

Pandabonium said...

I enjoyed the post about adverts. Some very clever stuff.

WV: copinsa - coalition on politically insane national security agendas

Dean Wormer said...

Nice site. Thanks for the head's up.