Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My 2009 Stumptown Comics

The 2009 Portland Stumptown Comics Festival took place last weekend. I like it because it is quirky and 100% Portland. I grabbed my two grand nephews, gave them some money, and turned them loose. I only purchased two comics this year:


I still Live - Biography of a spiritualist

Ladybug is an avid historical reader, so I thought these might pique her interest and so they did. I purchased a couple comical comic prints for the MiniSnab as well.

The kids bought their own items. One went for a couple indy artists and bought $7 worth of Super Mario yellow star candies. The other focused more on mainstream comics purchased at the Cosmic Monkey table.

The weather was beautiful and the guys had a great time. Hopefully the economics next year allow for more conspicuous consumption of homegrown art.


bulette said...

Indy comics are the best! I've got a weird collection here I need to unload - you can have 'em if you ever make it to Eugene. The last comic I bought was Violet Miranda, found via the blog No Media Kings... & respectively. Coincidentally, the last blog entry at No Media Kings is entitled "A self publishing comics primer".

Arkonbey said...

Grrr.Curses upon you and your comic culture!


So, LB likes historical stuff? Have you tried Rick Geary's Treasury of Victorian Murder books? Fun, funny and impeccably drawn.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Gee...I wish there were interesting comic-related things like that in Portland when I still lived there!

I think I might like the historical stuff, too. I've always been kind of a history buff.

Dean Wormer said...

Those history comics. You must lend them to me.

/gets down on his knees and begs.