Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Damn Sexy Men List

Alright folks, we've had alot of T & A lately, (see Dean's Future Hotties Post at Atomic Romance here). But what about us hetero ladies and gay guys? What hot celebrity crushes tickle our fancies? Well I have compiled my own completely arbitrary list here...but note I've put them in in "theme" the actual 1-9 numbering will be different.

Doctors..(er uh, "medical personnel")- starting with my very first crush...

8. Randolph Mantooth: Emergency! - I know this guy made my little 6 year old heart pitter-patter for this "hero" who went around saving people. Perhaps he was the actor who set the precedent for my Hero/DR fixations in the years ahead. Guess what? At the age of 63 this guy is still HOT! (see pic)..and throughout the years he's done alot of fundraising for Firefighters too. You can even watch old episodes on Hulu!

7. Alexander/Siddig el Fadil: Dr. Julian Bashir Deep Space Nine - What can I say, the smarter the better! Maybe it was the English accent or just his plain "Tall, Dark and Handsome" good looks which are so any case he was the only one on Deep Space Nine that was remotely.. "interesting" to me.

3. Hugh Jackman: The Fountain - All around hot, obsessed with his "endless love", historical drama and time travel! What more could you want!...well there's Wolverine, but who wants claws areas? And of course his definite Tall, Dark and Handsome qualifications go without saying...

4. Sean Maher: Dr Simon Tam Firely & Serenity - Again I have to go with the brilliant hero guy...(did you notice it's kind of a thing with me? I've never been attracted to so-called "bad boys"). He saves lives, isn't a jerk to his sister, and has very dry sense of humor... which does tickle..the funny bone (as it were... :P ). I hope we'll be seeing more work from Mr. Maher in the years ahead...on another Joss Whedon show maybe? (Please?)

Young 'uns - For the Raddle Crabber* in all of us...

6. Zachary Levi: Chuck - A nice, extremely geeky almost-graduate of Stanford who is busy saving the world while working at "Buy More"...Again, Tall (very!), Dark and Handsome...and very smart. I think you get the picture...I'm helpless in the face of uber-intelligent cute characters with a big slice of heroic goodness!

9. James Franco: MILK, Tristan & Isolde - Ok, I have to admit he caught the Beaniac's eye first, (they saw Tristan & Isolde in French class... of course)..and evidently there's some kind of Celebrity Incest Law (where one may NOT take a liking to the hot young dudes of one's offspring...) so I can only list him here purely for artistic.. er...aesthetic reasons. Oh hell, he's hot so go see MILK. You'll be glad you did...

2. Jason O'Mara: Sam Tyler Life on Mars - Oh my gawd, the Irish accent (not on the real life!), his cute twinkling blue eyes..can you tell he's my new hotness? This show is an American version of an original BBC production. It's really interesting,(a little bit of Sci-Fi & Cop show drama rolled into one).... and the music is SO cool, really authentic to the can watch back episodes on ABC even!

WRITERS - saved the BEST for last!

5. Alan Moore: Promethea, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - This guy is a geeky girl's God...his work is legendary, and often incorporates uniquely feminine perspectives, which is rare in the comic world. I love that most of his graphic novels are sexy, adult and so historically dense (having a copy of the Dictionary of Imaginary Places handy is a must!). Plus the fact he's a Pagan, wears alot of kooky mystical jewelry, and isn't afraid to take on big bullies like DC Comics & Hollywood makes him a hero in my book!

1. Neil Gaiman!!!!: The Sandman, The Graveyard Book - Like Alan Moore, this amazing writer is very prolific...imaginative and damn sexy, and I'm not just taking about his mind! Did I mention he's Tall, Dark and Handsome? The mythologically rich Sandman series will really awaken you to his wonderful world; a little creepy, sometimes dangerous, but where a willingness to do good, be brave and resourceful in the face of life (and beyond!) is often the best we can hope for in this crazy world. I'd recommend some familiarity with classical knowledge, (by this I mean traditional Western European history & Greek/Roman mythology) to fully appreciate his work (doesn't hurt for Moore's stuff either), but you can enjoy it with all the "riga-ma-role" too. Like Moore, he's a geek girl's GOD, plus he has his own blog where you can read all about his real life thoughts and adventures too!

*my own special word for "cradle robber" - invented involuntarily due to my own bassackwards brain!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Pandabonium Photo Tag

Pandabonium tagged me for a Photo are the rules:

"go into your photo archive, pick the 4th folder in the archive, select the 4th picture in the folder, and write about it. A person then needs to tag 4 other people to do the same".

Here is my picture!

This is a picture that Ladybug took on her trip to San Francisco. The crew is decorating a Christmas tree in Union square. It is a great picture with Saks Fifth Avenue (I assume) in the background. Although I was not present, I did experience vicariously the joy that she felt visiting a dear old friend, having free rein in a great city, and taking a break by herself she probably hadn't had since becoming a mother. That works for me.

I tag Tonya Harding, Bob Packwood, a head of cabbage, and the concept of schadenfreude.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Get Iconic

Most of you have seen that image of Barack Obama with the moniker HOPE or CHANGE under it. Now there is a website where you can make your own. I submit three variations of my own.