Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Salute to 2008

Little did I know that the snowman built in my yard on Christmas Eve (by a member of the Snabulus family) would melt into an interesting gesture, but I think it sums up 2008 rather well. What started as something resembling human ended up, as President Bush put it, gesturing back at us with less than all five fingers (which he may have learned from the Dean!). In the end, it was just sticks in the grass.

Nonetheless, I would like to hear from you. What are three (or more) good and three (or more) not-so-good things you would like to attribute to the year that passed. They can be personal, cultural, political, or anything you want. You can make your own categories if you want to. Have fun with it.

The winner receives a 2008 VW Jetta. There will be no winner. However, I am 5 billion dollars in debt, so please bail me out.

I will start...

3 Good Things:

  1. My knee is finally doing better.

  2. I still have a job and my family is healthy.

  3. Our house is painted and looks pretty decent.

3 Bad Things:

  1. My other knee is killing me. (Just kidding). The economy. Thanks to taxation rules prohibiting distributions to non-market based retirement funds, most people have highly devalued retirement and education investments.

  2. The untimely death of Josh Westhaver. Sudden tragedy is a terrible thing. I know most readers here have known this pain; some many times over. My heart goes out to you. Geez. I can't even get through a blog post without tearing up.

  3. The continuing destruction around the world caused by humans against other humans. Inhuman.


Arkonbey said...


1) Sweet Enemy has sold 8 paintings this winter ranging from $10 - $800!
2) I still have a job that totally doesn't suck
3) My two-year-old niece thinks I'm da bomb!


1) My dad lost tens of thousands of dollars from the stock market fiasco and can't retire this year as planned

2) Um. Wow. That's it. I'm kind of afraid now. But, nothing can compare to your loss of Josh at any rate.

BTW: due to the shape of the snow around the 'finger' I saw it first as a 'we're number one!' salute.

Glad your knee is okay (the E-Bike is working out,eh?)

Don Snabulus said...


Congrats to SE on the art and ain't it fun to be the cool uncle. ;)

After they clean up the gravel mess from the storm (we use that instead of salt here), I hope to start riding the eBike some more.

The Moody Minstrel said...


1) My digital studio, long only a dream, is now up and fully functional.
2) My job has actually been going quite well this year even though my work load has been far heavier than normal.
3) Civilization hasn't come crashing down just yet.

1) My mother-in-law's agonizing death.
2) My father-in-law becoming even more insufferable.
3) My wife finally leaving her horribly stressful job only to wind up in one that's even worse, leaving her in a sorry state.

Are you sure you didn't use your unconscious psychic power to reshape that snowman?

DewKid said...

Ark, I saw the same thing. Guess its a glass half-empty-full kind of deal.


1) The company I work for is getting bought by a bigger company.
2) We finally put in a swimming pool.
3) All three kids are doing well in school.


1) The company I work for is getting bought by a bigger company.
2) Mothers Cookies went bankrupt.
3) I paid $85 to have a guy look at my non-functioning furnace, and he didn't have a clue what was wrong. Then, after talking to my non-furnace expert brother, he tells me to clean the sensor with a toothbrush, and that worked, but I'm still out $85.
4) (I know, this is more than 3, but I have to add this one) That SOB that dressed up as Santa, and went to kill his ex-wife and 8 of her family members, leaving 19 orphans. At least he got burned really bad, but I wish he was alive to face a judge, and suffer with the horror he dished out.

Don Snabulus said...




I gotta remember that toothbrush thing. Might come in handy some day.

It could be a thumbs up too. Maybe its half full of Mountain Dew. It looked more like a middle finger from the kitchen window, but I wasn't dressed to go out, so I took the pic from the patio. Shoulda got dressed I guess.

Good lists everybody. Keep 'em coming!

ladybug said...

OK here's my 3


1) We're doing ok so far in this economy..cross fingers

2)My sister came for Xmas this year - it was so much fun! I wish she lived closer

3)Have felt healthier & stronger overall this year...even said "No" to a couple of activities to have a less hectic/stressful time.


1) Josh's Death..a kick to the solar plexus out of un-necessary...

2) The economy...I really need to look for a REAL job...just in case.

3)Not being able to be with friends/relatives that we love enough.

Dave said...

Three good things of orient are:

I got a newer car this year with better fuel mileage.

Despite being sick for two weeks I still have a job.

My dog is speaking to me again

Thrice like ice cold greetings present

Eight inches of snow, which was no problem for me, but everybody else on the road were completely out of their element.

All the weight I lost while unemployed has come sneaking back, and I just had to order new pants.

The devil alcohol beat me as I awoke laying on the floor not sure how I got there, why was there a coke can embedded in my back, and how come I can't stand up?

In regards to that last comment, I have quit drinking whiskey all together, and am celebrating the new year with a modest amount of beer.

Don Snabulus said...

2009 is here!

Swinebread said...

3 Good Things:

1. My Son
2. My Son's Smile
3. Other people Smiling because of my son's smile

3 Bad Things:

1. Josh's death of course
2. My wife's Uncle's Death
3. How bad it had to get for folks to wake up.

Pandabonium said...

Bad things first:

1) My vegetable garden yields were less than spectacular. Dismal in fact. I've a whole lot to learn.

2) I failed to meet many of the goals I set for myself in 2008 in terms of physical fitness, studies, and home projects.

3) My close friend, mentor, business partner, of some 18 years, lost a battle with leukemia and died on December 9th. He leaves a wife and 11 year old daughter.

And now the good news:

1) We fulfilled a long held desire to visit Hiroshima.

2) Another long time dream, to own a small sailboat, has become a reality.

3) We don't live in Palestine (or any one of many other places experiencing hunger/war/disease etc.)

There are turbulent waters ahead for us all in 2009. Here's hoping we are up to the challenges and can navigate them without getting too wet!

Happy New Year.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'll go ahead and be bullheaded and arrogant (or was that "rude and conceited") enough for an encore performance.

Three good things:

Three not so good things:

Corn Cob Bob said...

2009 is there? THAT's where it went. I've been looking for it all night.

Dean Wormer said...


I have wonderful family surrounding me. Including cousins and uncles and friends with beautiful and happy new babies.

I am in a business that shows no signs of ebbing with the economy.

Grandam's gift helped me pay off a bunch of bills and left us stronger to face any economic uncertainty. Thanks g-ma!


2008 seemed to be yet another year when our leaders weren't listening. At least to those of us without big money.

All those that we lost including Grandma and Josh but also more well known people who touched our lives in much, much smaller ways but leave the world a little sadder. From Paul Newman to kevin Duckworth 2008 was a bad year.

I didn't keep my resolution to get healthier in 2008. Instead, I went the other direction. :-(

gracefulbird said...

Y'all inadvertently created the best snowgesture ever. :) Snaps.

I have a blog now. So now I will spend more time on your blog. (That goes in the good column.) As you can see, it's all about me. (That goes in the bad column.)

I hope you won't mind if I don't give more bad. But to add to the good, you have some great friends on here and that is a grateful thing.

Your Birdie :>