Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mending Fences and Shelves

It is a complicated story, but I am enjoying my second week of vacation in 2 months and I freaking deserve it. Today was sunny, cool, and breezy, so I did a bit of outdoor work. We have a cedar fence that was ancient when we bought the house, but it is definitely getting more rickety now. The gate in particular was falling apart, so I went after it with a bunch of wood screws, a drill (with a screwdriver bit), a Sawz-All, a shovel, and some Love. After several adjustments, we have a gate that is stronger, though it definitely has a more patched look to it.

For those that remember Fort Bean, I installed a door but I never installed the strike plate, so the door would fly open whenever the temperature reached 70 degrees F or so. Today, I finally fixed that. There is actually a lock on the door knob, but the plexiglass in front is so thin that a lock is a bit of a joke.

Ladybug has been limping along for quite some time with a set of broken drawers in the kitchen. Well, they are shelves that are supposed to roll out but the rails would twist and drop the shelf. At least that is what I thought. Also, the bottom shelf was improperly glued and would stick against the bottom lip causing another headache.

In preparation to buy a new set of rails, I started to measure the various widths and diameters of things when I noticed some improper installation (previous owner, not me, I am perfect, mostly) I had missed before. It wasn't the twisting that caused the problem, but the rails were not secured in back. The weight of the drawer pushed the back of the rails out dumping them out. I rummaged my parts drawer and used a few wood screws and the problem was solved.

The bottom drawer bottom was separated from the sides, so I used some Pergo glue from an earlier floor installation to reseat the wood into the grooves provided. For the uninitiated, Pergo is a laminate wood floor material where they take a plywood-like surface and put a photographic image of wood grain on it. The Pergo glue looks, smells, and bonds like Elmer's wood glue. It worked great on the kitchen drawer. Our entire house has Pergo floors (in a medium oak style), so don't go telling me about how we are poisoning ourselves with McWood or creepy composite resins or I shall become very cross. In any case, Ladybug is pleased to have easy access to her evil kitchen tools again.

To satisfy my geek side, I attempted to resurrect an old laptop PC which has a tendency to give a Blue Screen of Death every 1 to 10 minutes. I originally suspected the hard drive and bought a new one, but it didn't help. So I removed everything except the original memory and the CD drive. After some trial and error, I discovered 2 culprits: the battery and the "newer" memory module. The battery was causing the catastrophic failures and the bad memory module would make things act weird in between.

So they are gone. The laptop is wholly dependent on wall power and has only 256 MB of RAM, but it has a 120GB hard drive and I was able to install Ubuntu Linux 8.10 on there. Ubuntu runs well, 8.10 is MUCH better with the Wi-Fi awareness, and it seems to handle all the new cool stuff without getting too crazy on the memory. THe PC is an old PIII Pentium 500 MHz, so it isn't too swift to begin with. I am going to use it for my alternative programming experiments...mainly learning languages I've been curious about but not able to explore for this reason or that. Yay! Another PC saved through rubber bands and chewing gum.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Ladybug has been limping along for quite some time with a set of broken drawers in the kitchen.

This sentence made me pause and think. First I wondered if this was an uncharacteristic swing toward raunch in the Snabuworld. Then I was about to suggest getting her some better lingerie for Christmas until I read the next line and the word "shelves" finally clicked.

There's a certain satisfaction that comes with do-it-yourself repairs. It's even better when you live in a country where people aren't supposed to do anything themselves.

ladybug said...

Thanks Snabby! I can get back to my fun stuff!

Don Snabulus said...


This is a f#@^&ing family site, but I can see it now, Home Depot Lingerie.


That's what Moody said. :D

PS - My word verification is evoida as in we should evoida the direction of this thread.

Dave said...

Thread, as in a needle pulling thread, DOE RAY ME FAH SO LAH TEA DOH!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Dave, stop needling Don!!!

Don Snabulus said...

Moody, that was a pointed comment.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Sorry. I'm feeling a bit strung out as all this recent talk has been keeping me in stitches.