Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August was Stupid Anyway

Hi there friends, Romans, countrymen, and ex-pats. Thanks for lending me your eyes. It isn't as though nothing worth reporting has happened this summer, for it certainly has. However, circumstances and a lack of gumption combined to mark my absence for most of the summer.

The good news is that we were out doing things much of the time. The bad news is that a work-related sequence of events made life a royal pain in the kiester for me for most of August. I am still trying to dig out from that stuff.

In the mean time, the following things caused media frenzy (and a few might actually be important)...

  • Happy birthday everybody! Our entire family turned non-descript ages (mine was a prime number!) in late July and August.

  • Ladybug and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. Time for me to get the "itch," buy a 'Vette and bang some hookers. Then again, maybe not. (though a Studebaker is not out of the question if the circumstances are right.)

  • We spent the least relaxing week at a seaside resort that I've ever experienced.

  • Iraq adopted Obama's exit strategy...Bush says, "Alrighty."

  • Gas reached prices I haven't seen since I was in Japan in 1993.

  • Our house is painted!

  • Our Comcast connection quality has slowly spiraled down the toilet.

  • Obama vs McCain! (vs Barr vs Nader)

  • The reality presented by the news media bears so little resemblance to actual reality that it is now a series of programs on the Sci-Fi channel.

  • A horror I'd warned people about for years came to pass, only this time it was at work instead of the foreign policy sphere. I spent a lot of personal time and sanity points fixing it.

  • Obama chooses "The Innocuous Corporate Tool" as a running mate. (GNU license)

  • McCain chooses "The Untested Gimmick" as a running mate. (that's copyrighted buddy)

  • I saw the "probably" last Police concert. I saw the thinly veiled contempt the band members had for each other professionally concealed without affecting the musical experience.

  • I missed my first Oregon Country Fair in several years. :((

  • Gustav is the next Katrina!!!! Oh never mind, it only centered over the facility the refines half of our oil. Yawn.

  • I spent Labor Day laboring...at least it wasn't for work.

  • Russia/Georgia: Bear has cat's leg in it's mouth. Cat swats at bear to remove leg. Bear eats cat's leg and its tail. Eagle scowls but does nothing. Cat probably didn't learn anything from it.

  • I am teaching the MiniSnab how to drive. Luckily for her future, she is already knowledgeable in the use of public transportation.

  • I read and commented on all your blogs. It is this temporary form of permanence that I crave.

Pictures from the Seaside trip are pending!!!

UPDATE: Moody Minstrel reminded me that I forgot one bullet point...I added it up above.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Oh, dang it...I forgot again!

Happy birthdays!

I think you've summed up all the major news of the past month quite well...with the exception of that Russia-Georgia thing.

Why was the Seaside trip so unrelaxing? Were you worked up over that thing on Lyranell?

Arkonbey said...

whoa, that's quite a list!

ladybug said...

Yea well, and young and juicy Hayden Christensen is waiting in the wings baby!

But I'll take a trip to Paris over the 'Vette...thank you very much!

ROFLMAO! or whatever bloggers say nowadays

Don Snabulus said...


Thanks! I meant to add the Georgia thing but forgot. I added it.

Your RPG has ruined my life!! Actually, it was work-related. I will tell you about it off line.


And to think I had no idea what to write when I started the post.


Doh! I will see you in Paris, Mademoiselle.

Dave said...

Sorry to hear things were rough at work. Hopefully that will improve. Work gets like that some times.

I have a new chair. Guess what color it is...


Good post. Delve more into it. Sarah Palin super model, super mom, super governator. McCain does surprise me some times.

Don Snabulus said...


Is it a G-O-O-oon colored chair?

My favorite part of Palin's speech is when she whines about the media when her every word is being broadcast live on every network including PBS. I wish I had that kind of media problem. I would put the FCC decency Nazis into overdrive and tell America to snap out of it.

I suppose everyone has their own favorite lesser evil though...

Pandabonium said...

Ah yes, McCain's surprise running mate. Everyone expected "Holy Joe" Lieberaman but no, it's Caribou Barbie.

Happy Birthday - all. My mother's birthday is in August, as is my #1 granddaughter. What a cosmic coincidence!

Prime number? You look terrific for 97.

We'll always have Paris.

Don Snabulus said...


Caribou Barbie...nice.

Happy Birthday to your Leos and Virgos too!

I keep fit and ride my eBike 34,000 miles/day. That is the key to my longetivity.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Sarah Palin: super-scary fundie...who managed to expose the hypocritical double-standards of the conservative right in one fell swoop.

This is going to be one interesting election. Or not.

Swinebread said...

I guess a few things did happen... :)