Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tusen Takk for 4th of July

Since becoming homeowners, filling the street with blackened cardboard and the air with sulfurous smoke has been a family tradition...another consumer feeding frenzy surrounding fireworks and celebrating a day whose significance is all but forgotten by those who celebrate it. We found out today that some are allowed to break the law without consequence with the passage of immunity from FISA for a group of well-connected lawbreakers and otherwise innocent people can spend decades in prison for victimless crimes.

Luckily, the burgers, beer, and blasting anesthetize us from those harsh realities. This year, we changed the 3 Bs to Bratwurst, Beaujolais, and Beauty, we also escaped the specter of naked aggression against representational government perpetrated by those we voted for and some we didn't. We went off to a friend's farm near Salem to reconnect with old friends, kindle a few new ones, and catch a break from munitions this year. It was a wonderful time indeed where freedom rang and minds met. There were 3 Norwegians among the throng so we brought the Betsy Ross flag (original flag of the 13 colonies) and Norwegian flag to preside over the ponds, people, and great open pit cooking.

The morning threatened drizzle but the sun broke through the clouds just as 5 o'clock rolled around and the setting for a great evening and comfortable temperatures was set.

The fire pit used an old rock crushing cone to contain the flames and the meat and beans were heating up in no time. A few of the guests make their own wine, so there was always a few treats at hand. Luckily for me, Ladybug consented to drive home so I was able to have a few glasses without worry.

My friend restored a little old farmhouse into a much larger and nicer structure with a cupola, lots of decking, and unique features. Here is a picture of the main photographer, the MiniSnab. Behind her flies the Bennington flag. It was never an official flag of the nation but flew during the revolutionary war against the British. You can't see it here, but the year "76" is emblazoned on the blue field below an arc of stars. (My friend has the same dissident qualities that I do and we didn't even confer about it)

Here is the cupola that some grandkid would have loads of fun hanging out in.

The MiniSnab later amazed everyone by beguiling a deer in front of our very eyes...

She later fed the doe a small chunk of jicama and stroked its neck. Sadly, she had the camera so no picture of that. Instead of sulfur and bangs, a joyous noise.

No firework can match these beauties...

If there is a God (and/or Goddess), surely THIS is the America he would bless. This little corner of the farm is an America of love, sharing, coming together, and fellowship.

I will take this over the America of power, naked force, compliance, and elevated non-accountability any day of the week. Thank you good people for a truly independent Independence day.


ladybug said...

I sure had fun, meeting new people and talking w/lots of old ones. Got a few mosquito bites, but otherwise was not harmed in the making of this post!

Arkonbey said...

I hope that was even more fun than it looked.

I always wanted a cupola.

Pandabonium said...

A cupola what? I'd like a cupola million dollars myself.

What a great celebration. The real deal. Thanks for sharing such a rare treat.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I still like to try to believe that things like this are what America is really all about.

No flies on this one, mate. Fair dinkum!

Don Snabulus said...


You had a grand time, eh.


It was! I'd give you that one, but you'd look kinda foolish without the rest of the house.


Me too!


It is. We just need to fight harder for it back here in the states.

Dean Wormer said...

What a great way to spend the 4th!

You didn't blow up anything?

Your brother would be disapointed.

Thepsilam said...

You used the perfect word- fellowship. I think it's the what, how and why we fought for independence in the first place.

It would be why we also continue to celebrate that day and its accomplishments with others- to share the vision of freedom that was promised so long ago.

Someday we might get back to that...

Sounds like you had a great time in your little piece of America.

Swinebread said...

sounds and look like a great time... it relaxes me just looking at the pics!

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