Tuesday, July 15, 2008


OK, after all the fun and excitement of opening day, I thought I'd head straight back home on Saturday...but I wasn't sure. Went to Glenwood for dinner again, and walked around the UO campus whilst talking to my sister in New Hampshire...it was a lovely evening. Hung out back at the motel and watched trash TV (Ocean's 13, etc..) until WAY too late. Got up, got stuff together and checked out of the hotel one day early and saved some bucks. B-fast again at Denny's and a gas fill up at Shell...and as I drove out of the lot, decided then and there to go for one more day! Headed out and got there around 9:30 am...and couldn't find my Saturday parking pass! Had to pay $5...found it and walked all the way back to the attendant who gave me $5 back-Yay!

This time I decided to go check out some exhibits they have in an area between the Cabal gate and the big parking lot-a labrynth, Cascade Water Project and a Quaker Peace Exhibit called Eyes Wide Open . I took some pictures of the Iraq memorial, it was very moving.
This picture has empty army shoes representing all the Oregon Military Personnel killed in the Iraq war. One you can see has several pictures of the young man, with flowers in his boots. (Sorry for the blurry images, it was a snap & go camera..)

There were several placards at the edge of the field with info..at the tops and bottoms of most of these placards are the names and ages of Iraqi civilians killed in the war as well, even though you can't read them in the picture..
This one shows the impact the war would have if it happened here in Oregon, with the corresponding loss of life. Food for thought.... It brought a bit of gravitas to the beginning of my day, but for me, a renewed commitment to oppose violence and war ALWAYS and to work for postive change in my community, like volunteering for REACH.

By this time, it was around 10:15am, so the Cabal bag check gate was open, and I walked right through just holding my purse open. I hung out in the shade of a bush by the Dragon Gate , chatted with some friendly fellow attendees and then on my cell w/some friends & family. Before I knew it, us 3-day wristband folks got let in early at 10:45! Yay! This time I just wandered all around, checking out Energy Park, the Community Village (where I bought a luscious piece of pineapple at the Organic Food stand), and got some DEET Wipes (finally!) at a White Bird (First Aid) station to save me from those pesky mosquitos! I stopped and looked at some more vendors, mostly for next year, but had just enough money left to buy a beaded ankle bracelet and a pasta lunch. It was ALOT hotter on Saturday than on Friday, and getting more crowded by the minute...Saturday is THE big day for attendance at the fair, I usually pick a stage, get a spot in the shade and STAY THERE until the crowd thins out later in the afternoon.
So along about 1:00pm , I said "Goodbye" and headed out for the long, hot walk to the parking lot. Met the the Security guy from the first day on the way out..he still hadn't found his wallet or ID...but his mom came and saved the day-got new ID on Friday! I started the long drive back to Portland, still all dressed up in my Fair "regalia"...so Snabby got to see my 2nd day outfit, and all my fun stuff. Mini-Snab LOVED her tank, so I hit a right one with my choice this time around!

Bye Fair Friends! Hope to see you all back in 2009...the 40th anniversary of the Fair and our 10th Anniversary (but 11th year...:P)!


Arkonbey said...


Being from VT, I can say that.

The only problem I have with the Iraq war casualties memorial is that those who truly need to see it wouldn't be caught anywhere near the fair...

Don Snabulus said...

I think it is good that you were able to freewheel it without your family for a year. You got to experience the fair on your terms instead of having to make everyone happy. I think you did a few things you wouldn't have been otherwise able to.

Next year, I will be back to wear you down (snicker).

Pandabonium said...
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Dean Wormer said...

That looks so wonderfully relaxing in the cosmic sense.

I really should have gone to that while I was down there for school.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Swinebread said...

I love the peace memorial but arkonbey is correct in that it's not in a location were the folks that need to see it are gonna see it.

Dean - Your were in Eugene and never went to Oregon Country Fair? Wow!

Pandabonium said...

Arkonbey hit it on the head. Such people need to be "mossed". (Firesign Theatre geek alert).

Even if I am confused about when it opens, it looks like great fun. Thanks for the pics. Looking forward to the full on Ladybug costume next time. :)