Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin RIP

We lost George Carlin today.

The last couple minutes or so are the most interesting to me.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I added a new link to the right...

Thep's World

He is a friend and fellow geek with a new blog. Please go say Hi!

We are steeped in summertime activities...painting, biking, and not as much web surfing. Our friend and another guy are spraying the house as I write this. The color scheme is a big improvement over oatmeal beige and dark dark green.

This is the old (our door is the dark green)...

Here is the new (swatch courtesy of Behr paint):

The shady willow is the main color with nesting dove trim. We are trying the red bluff on the door. We may change it if we don't like it.

For those contemplating painting your home, you have a lot of pre-work if you have an older home. We had to remove and replace a fair amount of dry-rotted siding. The folks at Evans Glass took a holiday on caulking the windows properly, so that had to be redone. I would guess that over 100 nails, pins, hooks, etc. required removal. Add on sanding, fillwork on cracks, then priming and it adds up to a major job. My hat is off to Ladybug big-time for doing the lion's share of the work until our neighbor took over (for $$$ of course). I had a couple hard days work and that is about it. My day job has been keeping me busy with about $750k in the sales pipeline that includes a load of new functionality.

I've been riding the eBike (mostly) 3 to 4 times per week to work. I am hoping to burn off some lard, save a little money, and get some fresh air in the process. It is going well.

The political season is underway completely overshadowing the real issues in the world and our live (as always). They should have the damned election tomorrow. I doubt there are many on the fence and those that are can go look at the Senatorial record of both candidates to see how badly they are going to get screwed by corporate interests. In the mean time, it is going to be a giant BS circus overshadowing Iraq, Afghanistan, surveillance, torture, economic torpor, resource price inflation, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes. It makes me look forward to the age of the robots (cue Overdroid).

Moody Minstrel started an online campaign of an old homebrew sci-fi role playing game called Impasse. We are having a blast so far. Thanks Moody (and a big shout out to any Foldorians reading this).

Anyway, enjoy your weekend.

Monday, June 09, 2008

And I Don't Mean Smolgers


With a name like Folgers, Smucker has to feel good

In its largest acquisition, J.M. Smucker Co. of Orrville on Wednesday said it is adding Folgers coffee to a growing line of products.

Smucker, known for its jellies and jams, agreed to purchase the Folgers coffee unit of Procter & Gamble of Cincinnati. The all-stock deal is valued at $3.3 billion, including the assumption of an estimated $350 million of Folgers debt. Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble had said it wanted to separate its coffee brands.

I can't help thinking they could combine the names Folgers and Smucker somehow to keep both brands intact. Hmmmm.

(This is my own variant on a one-liner I saw at Ironic Times.)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New Links

Given the lack of chain-blog tags and the fact we have been preparing for painting our house and doing various outdoor things, the blog is a bit underutilized. I am sure the process of getting to the point where we can paint will be a blog entry or two in itself and I owe Isis an eBike update now that I am back on the road with it. Barring all that, here are some new links I added to the right there ---->

Archdruid Report, The

We discovered Pagan Archdruid John Michael Greer in an article in a spiritual magazine a few months ago and subsequently his weblog. He has written very thoughtful posts on the subject of increasing resource scarcity, environmental changes, and their consequences. This is an excellent complement to Isis' Floating Down Denial blog.

DewKid's Blog

I've had DewKid's excellent Realmspeak blog linked for years, but I have been extremely neglectful and lazy in omitting his regular weblog. He has a knack for finding the odd corners in American culture and sharing them with us. As a friend going back to grade school, he is responsible (as well as Moody and me) for some of the inside joke comments here that probably leave some of our readers scratching our heads. Then again, it might be dandruff.

Dick Cavett's Talk Show Blog

Most readers here remember the Dick Cavett show from a couple/few decades ago. That dry English wit is back in the form of a blog. His experiences and verbal playfulness are a reminder of the days when smart TV existed outside PBS.

Gaia 2000 Live Journal

Gaia 2000's Musings of a Bohemian journal takes us through the seasons of the Earth and her soul. She is a very real person with a compelling philosophical outlook.

Hypatia Speaks

This is a new blog written by a student of Paganism and the subject matter has already shown some interesting range.

You may have noticed a profusion of Pagan links. Let me assure you that my soul and spirit are still rotting husks of non-religiosity but I like what I like and some of these links represent friends and family. I do like modern Paganism's close ties to agricultural and seasonal rhythms that underlie our ability to exist even as they are hidden from most of us behind distant food processing plants and distribution networks. It is important that even the urbane and suburbane not lose sight of these ties to our sustenance.

Update: Oops, I just noticed that I have Gaia 2000's page double linked in the area to the right. So, go check out Musings from a Bohemian to see her stuff.