Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Blogroll Entry

I am adding a new blogger to the blogroll over there to the right. Musings from a Bohemian is a great site and there is a nice reminder about today's Mardi Gras festivities over there.

While we are on the subject, check out Mercy Corps' work regarding Katrina recovery and maybe kick in some quatloos to help out.


Dean Wormer said...

So happy to hear you support Mercy Corps. It's a charity I fork over to through payroll deductions. My company matches which is slick. They have a terrific donation to actual charity ratio as I recall which is another good reason to throw them dough.

ladybug said...

How lovely to have someone w/whom you share so much....I didn't even have to look up "Quatloos" to know exactly where you got that word....teehee!