Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Invisible Civil War Within: Part VII

The Battlefield Within

It wasn't as though I ignored politics before 9/11/2001. It WAS the truth that I ignored the concepts of conspiracies and how power is brokered before 9/11.

I was shocked by the events of 9/11 in the same way as I was about the tremendous explosion of ash from Mt. St. Helens in 1980 and the Space Shuttle disaster of 1986. I remembered where I was and what I was doing. I am sure you were affected similarly. People older than me remember such events as the assassinations of two Kennedies, King, and the bombing of Pearl Harbor. When the routine of life is broken so significantly, there is a time of unreality as we grasp what happened. As this passes, a sober assessment is made and an accounting is done of the events. Decisions are made internally as to how we will proceed from these assessments and how society will proceed with the data as we know it. We move on with this new information.

Except with 9/11. The unreality actually got worse after that day. It continues until today. People talk of the "new normal" but that is a lie. Normal did not change on that day, my nation did along with anything I had ever thought about the notion of freedom and how it applies to us as people in America and in the world. It was replaced with something that would be faintly familiar to those who lived in the Soviet Union or live in China. The faintness gets stronger each day.

Some people who have studied history, sociology, and politics more than I did knew right away that something was wrong. By the time Public Law 107-56 passed (a law that erroneously became known as the patriot act), anyone else who was paying attention knew too. Many more did not and were guided by governmental propaganda (to them, information) instead. The rhetoric was crazy and the veil of secrecy was huge, opaque, and complete. Easily debunkable lies started issuing forth from the White House and news agencies alike but few called them on it. People's rage at those responsible was refunneled towards an entire religion and the ethnic groups who predominantly worship under the banner of Islam. Nobody even suggested doing an in depth public investigation of the September 11 events in the first two months. It seemed we were only interested in acting immediately on vague suspicions against a largely unknown enemy. I figured it was time to "go to school" and RIGHT NOW was the time to do it.

Thanks to the spittle-spraying flag wavers who DEMANDED support no matter how trampled our Constitution became, I started by navigating towards the loudest critics of the government because I knew our government was lying. The so-called Left. The concept of the Internet-as-news-source was blossoming and blogging was starting its explosion in popularity. From Noam Chomsky to Howard Zinn and many others, I began to get a picture of the United States as the victims of our weaponry see us and it wasn't pretty. Previously I had the more imperial attitude that our power was wielded justly (barring occasional mistakes) and people who "got their ass kicked" probably had it coming to them. Now I was reading that we engaged in destroying elected governments, financed and trained death squads, and more.

I could not believe that we were as bad as Chomsky et al were saying, so I decided to wade my way through the self-righteous for war on the other side to see if anyone could tell me, "NO Don, Chomsky is wrong." America has made some mistakes, but we did not finance death squads and we did not support dictators over elected representatives. Nobody could. All they could muster was accusing the Left and those who were concerned about our victims as unpatriotic America haters. This was because they could not debunk untruths that really happened.

At that point, I began to see the truth that this Left was promoting, but it took me a while to see the truth they were hiding. That truth included a doctrine that was sometimes as narrow as the Right they railed against. I would sometimes make comments on progressive/Left web forums that tried to expand into a larger view of the points they were making, but in almost every case the participants couldn't see outside their own little box. In addition, I began to see that many conservatives were making points that I agreed with vis-a-vis the war on terror but the progressives would ignore it. Polarization was the order of the day and it was bizarrely aided and abetted by the government.

I started a blog in late 2001 and started to write about what I was reading about. I also went to see a presentation by a person named Michael Ruppert. He made the case very early about government complicity and coverups regarding 9/11. His timeline is still one of the best and most accurate in showing anomalies in the story surrounding that fateful day. Ruppert and the work of Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research turned me towards the view that the US government had foreknowledge of 9/11 and either aided it or allowed it to happen. This leads me to an aside...

Aside: The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Everybody is aware of various theories surrounding what happened on 9/11. I will put these into a few categories based on my own assessment of the facts:

Very Likely

The government had detailed foreknowledge about 9/11.
Other governments had detailed foreknowledge about 9/11.
Our government did not fully investigate 9/11.
The government is covering up what it knew about 9/11.

More Likely

United Flight 93 was shot down
Assuming a hijacking, members of the Saudi government were complicit


Highjackers armed with sophisticated weapons took over aircraft and crashed them into WTC and Pentagon.
The WTC buidings collapsed under their own weight.
The WTC buidings collapsed due to controlled detonation of explosives besides the aircraft.
The planes were guided by remote control into the buildings

Less Likely

WTC Building 7 was brought down as the result of hijacked airplanes
Pilots (almost all military trained) would allow hijackers armed with boxcutters to take over their craft.
Israel helped the hijackers
The Pentagon was hit by a missile and a plane with all its people are missing
We could only find one person who could be charged with a crime in connection with 9/11
Saddam Hussein or Iraq or Iran had any knowledge of 9/11 or helped in its planning.
The US government orchestrated the whole thing and no hijackers were involved.


The Pentagon was unprotected and could not stop an attack.
The government is telling us what they can about 9/11
The government is acting in the best interests of Americans rather than towards consolidating power.
We know who all of the hijackers were (assuming they were hijacking planes)
All the pilots had the skills to pull off 3 out of 4 targets without instrument help (I've spoken with pilots on this one)
Americans know as much as they have a right to know about this infamous day

End of Aside.

It should be clear from my assessment above that I don't claim to have any answers or know what happened on September 11. The fact that I don't is actually the problem and the US government is responsible for it. In fact, they act so fishy that I dare not rule out complicity of principle actors within our government regarding that day. In fact, there are former skeptics such as David Ray Griffin and 20 year CIA veteran Robert Baer who question our government's involvement. I've seen Griffin's lecture and he makes a pretty damning case against what he calls the "government's conspiracy theory."

I would like to say that there is no "there there" when it comes to the US government and 9/11, but I find it impossible. I am fully aware of the arguments against my point of view.

The Bush administration is too incompetent to pull off complicity, but they sure pulled off the cover up and the war in Iraq and the 2004 election. There are reports of governments acting seemingly against their own interests in order to further more shadowy agendas.

Too many people would have to know in order to pull this off; my answer there is no they wouldn't. The fewer people, the better. We think that 19 people caused 9/11; why would hundreds need to be involved in the USA?

Occam's razor says that the simplest explanation is probably the right one, but there is no evidence that Occam's razor is right about this and there is nothing simple about 9/11. The kneejerk answer doesn't help us here.

In the absence of evidence (the forensic evidence was removed and much was destroyed) or a sustained official effort at towards getting at the truth of 9/11, I am forced to move on and look at the consequences and actions of the United States which are more easily definable and trackable.

I will cover that in the next part.


The Moody Minstrel said...

This series of posts definitely needs a soundtrack. The intensity is building.

You know, even back when you were constantly venting your spleen about the government in the aftermath of 9/11, and others were venting in the other direction, I thought it all so bizarre sitting here reading it as someone who was outside looking in. To be honest, I smelled a great many rats while 9/11 was in progress, and it beat the heck out of me why no one else, least of all the news media, seemed to feel the same way.

Anyway, do carry on!

ladybug said...

You've made a great list of all the different ideas surrounding the events of 9/11.

I remember feeling sad for all the people who died, and later, that the US WASTED all the goodwill many countries offered...

So much diplomacy messed up by the abysmal "foreign relations" BushCO proceeded with...he acts like we're back in the Pioneer days, and everybody else are "injuns".

Swinebread said...

I think it was allowed to happen

Anonymous said...

I'm innocent I tell you. I was listening to "My Pet Goat".

Don Snabulus said...


My spleen needed a lot of venting. Perhaps the best soundtrack would be a rerecorded Call of Cthulhu...


Hopefully it won't be Custer's last stand.




Funny how nobody thought of evacuating the President and indeed the whole school. When you know you aren't a target, you have the luxury of finishing the book.

Pandabonium said...

Hey, Jason Dittle, you little terrorist bastard you, I have a great job in mind for you - scraping chewing gum off of train platforms. At least you would be contributing to society.

Dean Wormer said...


Hope you saw the note in the last thread. "The eagle has landed."

That is to say "the ACME rocket shoes are strapped on and awaiting the roadrunner."

Oh, forget the code. I got us tickets to The Police. Pencil in July 11, baby.

(As for 9/11 - I pretty much agree and think Swine has the right take in that they let it happen. Whether it was mainly through incompetence or was intentional is really not that important to me personally.)

Don Snabulus said...

The Jason Dittle spam has been eliminated.

Don Snabulus said...


Does it lose its flavor on the platform overnight?



Dave said...

The world has gone nuts, and its going to get worse before it gets better. Every day I read the news, listen to Coast to Coast AM, and I hear a never ending list of conspiracies.

I don't think that there was a concerted effort by our government to cause 911. However, I do believe that the government is using the opportunity of the event to fulfill the one world government mission of dominence and control. It has very little to do with terrorism. If it did, ask the question, why are known muslim terrorists allowed to traverse our great country freely instead of being rounded up in mass? Why do we give student visas to nations with known terrorist ties? It doesn't make any sense at all.

However, I sense that as congress refused to reauthorize the FISA law, that change is in the wind. Where that "Change" will lead us may be far worse yet.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

I'll to take a bite at this. Woof.

The official story is obviously a load of horse hockey. That dog just don't hunt.

To say "they allowed it to happen" is sort of like saying "I'm an agnostic". Well an agnostic, by definition does not believe in a god, so is in reality (again by definition) an atheist who just doesn't want to say so for whatever reasons. If people in the government "let it happen", then they are by definition accomplices as so culpable. So there is really no middle ground. And no matter what you think may have happened it WAS a conspiracy, so lets stop using that word as if it indicates something untrue, that's just a weak ploy by people with no argument.

Of course, one could say "I don't know" which is a legitimate answer and simply indicates the person has decided not to think about it, which is not an unusual condition among you humans. No offense intended to the hand that feeds me.

The Moody Minstrel said...

If it did, ask the question, why are known muslim terrorists allowed to traverse our great country freely instead of being rounded up in mass?

That was one of the things I wondered as 9/11 was in progress. Earlier that very day the news reported that several known soccer hooligans from different countries had been intercepted at airports before a multi-national soccer tournament in Europe and immediately deported. How is it that these troublemakers could be so easily identified and stopped, whereas known or suspected terrorists were able to board several different international flights in groups on the same day? It just didn't make sense, and it still doesn't.

Oh, and by the way, an agnostic DOES believe in God; he just doesn't think God gives a damn one way or the other, so worshiping Him is pointless. (Hmm...sounds kind of like Jainism...)

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Moody - I think what you describe is a "deist". defines agnostic this way:
"a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience."

This is a logical fallacy in my opinion, because such a person would have to admit that they literally don't "know" what they are talking about.

wag wag wag

Don Snabulus said...


Indeed. No matter who did it, it required a conspiracy (unless one person somehow figured out how to cause that destruction by themselves). Good fodder for thought on the rest.


There is this myth out there that the USA somehow wasn't spending more time, effort, and money to secure just about everything securable when in fact we did spend more than anyone (except possibly Israel) on various forms of security. The fact that we are engaging in Kabuki security theater now doesn't change that fact. If anyone doesn't believe me, try not paying your taxes or bills for a year. They will find you.

As far as God goes, if I am a good person doing good things and I am going to hell anyway, f**k it. Other than that, I let people think and do what they want as long as they let me do the same.