Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Invisible Civil War Within: Part III

I Don't Want to Come Between You, but (Insert Divisive Topic Here)!!!!!!

I am going to start this post with a comment by Dean Wormer from my last post:

Often when we speak of the elites that govern our society (or the Freemasons if you will :) ) we sometimes characterize them as being devious in their self-interest but intellectually lazy.

I would say that the elites are anything but intellectually lazy. They're certainly individuals that subscribe to a dialectic world view and use it to their own ends. The status quo is not the calcification of a more conservative philosophy into the society but the calcification of the conflict between the conservative and progressive points of view.

The elites try to use all means at their disposal to keep the conflict going because they recognize that the resolution of the conflict will probably not work out too well for them and that the conflict itself keep the masses occupied.

Just my humble (and unworthy) riff off of what's turning out to be a terrific series of posts, don.

As The Tick might say, "Hotlanta! Get Out of My Head!"

Hegel envisioned his dialectic with these sets of two opposing forces on various issues/circumstances/worldviews driving us forward towards a continually more just, equitable world that was more in harmony with reality. However, there are others who see the Hegelian Dialectic as what can most easily be described as a perpetual Divide and Conquer tactic used by the rich and powerful, or elites, against the rest of us.

In other words, if a Democrat and Republican are focused on arguing about the value of religion in the public sphere, it frees up these elites to concentrate their control of the public sphere while we aren't paying attention and use our angst against us. The same holds true of things like abortion, evolution/creation, gay marriage, peace vs. war and other issues that hold our attention but never resolve themselves. If we are going berserk attacking each other about these things, we aren't paying to their continuing consolidation of power. The same holds true of other dichotomies in America and in other countries that may not be so clearly divided between liberal and conservatives.

This is why I wanted to bring up dialectics and Hegel's in particular. The question is whether to praise this modern definition for its accurate explanation or to bury it for being another route to dislike those who have achieved power. Are we being cleverly manipulated to keep us from seeing the larger issues that confront us clearly?

If yes, then who are these "elite" and why would they want to do it to us? If no, then how could people divide so bitterly over issues that they often have no personal stake in? Is the Dean right that really becoming united would mean something bad for the elites themselves?

I am not going to fully answer these question, but I am going to look some different perspectives as we go along to elicit your views. Tomorrow we look at how some define these elites and possibly how they define themselves.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Are we being cleverly manipulated to keep us from seeing the larger issues that confront us clearly?

I'd say that, historically, ambitious leaders have always done that. Focused people are more likely to question authority and hold it accountable. Distracted people aren't. Scared people are even less so. Hence the tendency for governing administrations in the U.S. and elsewhere always to have some sort of "demon" to fight.

ladybug said...

Dean, Snabby-Think we'll all have to take this up during SuperBowl weekend there's a piece of philosophy you can bite off and chew!

Dave said...

Youtube Alex Jones End Game

Click my name for the link

Don Snabulus said...


I would say so.


Sounds good!


I'm aware of Alex Jones. I will check those out. I do think, though, that Alex Jones makes his living over dramatizing these connections and the drama is a bit over the top. Therefore his assertions need to be corroborated by other sources. Nonetheless, an imperfect resource is still a resource. (I will be criticizing him a bit coming up too, so be aware)

Swinebread said...

This is why middle class folks keep voting conservatives into office when way they can't afford health insurance. 'Cause God told 'em to.

Dean Wormer said...

Wow! Quoted!

I'm honored/ humbled because much of what you're writing here I'm not fully wrapping my head around. I'm man enough to admit that.

One way to answer your question might be to look at the issues themselves that are currently the most divisive. How long have those issues been around? Did they arise naturally or can we actually put a date on when a group of "elites" got together and created this issue? Are there quantifiable solutions to those issues or do they reside so far in the realm of religion/ personal morality? Most importantly - are there artificial, sometimes unseen, obstacles to the resolution of these issues?

If you take an issue like abortion or global warming and ask these questions patterns start to emerge.

I look forward to seeing you guys this weekend. Regardless of how the game gos the eats are gonna be good.

As for continuing this discussion-- only if I tap into that carboy of homemade blackberry wine I started last month. Short of that I'd need some of that stuff I had in college...


Dave said...

Don, hear you on the Alex Skeptical bit, however, he has documents supporting his claims. I to was skeptical at first, however, I have had to take a close look at a lot of moves made by our government in recent years.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I just watched that whole string of Alex Jones videos.

Very thought provoking, even disturbing, but a bit too blatant in its own agenda to be taken without a grain of salt.

Actually, he's saying a lot of the same things DEVO says. Q: Are we not men??!? A: We are genetically-manipulated serfs of the New World Order! Hail the new Illuminati!

Hmm...the Bilderberg group is mainly made up of global bankers and corporate leaders...

Revelations 13:17?

Oh, I (indirectly) quoting Scripture? That's it...we're DOOMED!!