Sunday, January 06, 2008

Back to the Spot

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After some deliberation, I think I will keep the main Snabulus web log here for the time being. I had to look at the Pros and Cons of moving the blog. They amounted to:

Pros of moving the blog

1. Get out from under Google's Terms of Service and other lawyerly constructs.
2. Support Pave whose site was highjacked and his graphics used by internet marketers after he closed down his Blogspot site. Google was totally unresponsive to his request to have them removed.
3. Increase my geekly control over the material.
4. Have a one-stop location for all of my personal projects
5. Other bloggers could share front page space while still maintaining their own blogs.
6. Provide a more private space where corporations and governments would not have tacit permission to raid content and usage records (because I would encrypt data and delete IP records).
7. Break through my current phase of boredom.


1. The DotNetNuke platform is neat, but it has a definite learning curve.
2. The blog software, while it had more options than Blogspot while creating posts, was definitely a work in progress and it is kind of green in terms of professionalism and easy usability for non-technical types.
3. It was impossible to share a blog among multiple people as I do now.
4. The responsibilities of hosting your own site are staggering in terms of keeping all the balls in the air, making sure things are backed up, hackerproofing, etc. I have enough people clamoring for my technical skills. Why invite more of that?

So I will live with my ennui at Blogspot and enjoy all the good things it has to offer. I will keep the blog as more of a Tech blog for my geekier moments. I appreciate all of the feedback and I will continue to improve that site and try to extend this "skin" here at Blogspot to get it to do what I want going forward.

PS: Pave's lesson for the day to keep information from being highjacked is to make sure you never delete a blog or a user; just the entries in the blog. That way nobody else can take it from you without hacking it which is still illegal and something Google will take action on.

PPS: It looks like the highjacked site finally went away. Good deal!


The Moody Minstrel said...

Wow...I didn't know the Peculiar Pabulum got hijacked quite to that extent! Then again, I have seen blogs of other people I know wind up retaining the title, domain, and graphics but with different content after said blogs were supposedly deleted. I guess it's standard procedure at Google if your blog appears interesting. I guess Google figures you should take it as a compliment...and stfu since you deleted it anyway.

I'm glad they finally removed the hijacked blog, though. I guess the squeaky wheel does eventually get the grease (or was that "get greased"?).

Swinebread said...

Weird, glad that mess is worked out.

I think using your new site as tech blog is great Idea as it's a work in progress.

Dave said...

It wasn't pretty what I had to do to convince Google to finally delete the blog. But I finaly managed it.

Pandabonium said...

Man, Pave's treatment by Blogger really sucks. That's an eye opener. Thanks for sharing that information.

My new year's toast to Blogger: May the sewers of Rangoon back up in their executive suite's porcelain convenience.

Dean Wormer said...

You're radioactive.

Overdroid said...

Actually that's a biohazard symbol. If anything, he's contagious.

Don Snabulus said...



If you think it would be of service to others and respects your privacy, please enumerate.

I wonder if Burmese (Myanmarian: I can vouch that Than Shwe stinks) poop is stinkier than that of the denizens of Mountain View, CA. If so, slather the porcelains!

In the immortal words of The Firm
Well I'm not uptight
Not unattracted
Turn me on tonight
Cause I'm radioactive

My unbridled optimism is contagious. Unfortunately, I don't have any. (Much like Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer, but since he never cries...)