Sunday, January 20, 2008

All Work and No Play, heh heh...whoop! Heh.

Every so often, a big programming job shuffles my schedule outside confines of the day job. My evenings are spent for the benefit of some customer instead my family or myself. When there are difficulties with some of the software tools, it can really seem like a pressure cooker.

The MiniSnab is preparing for finals week at high school so it is important not to bring my own pressures to bear on her efforts. In the past I've had difficulty seeing out of my own box to do that but it seems that, at least this time around, I am able to help her focus on her task-at-hand while I am nearly overwhelmed with mine.

I've always tried to be conscientious of the family, so my past shortcomings were not due to lack of effort; just an inability to execute too far out of my own mental box when the fecal matter contacted the whirling blades. As I analyze the difference between then and now, I really must credit the change to my CPAP (anti-snoring) machine and there was a small event that really brought it home.

One night last week, the power went out at about 2am. The CPAP machine died with it. I tried for the next 3 1/2 hours to sleep and, while I did, all of the breathing stoppages and subsequent frequent wakeups kept me from getting the quality sleep I needed. The power came back on at 5:30am and I caught 45 minutes or so with the CPAP.

I was simply a useless wreck all day. I was grouchy and ineffective at my job. Tired as heck. But you know what? Other than the acute change at the time that caused the grouchiness, I was dealing with the energy loss every day before the CPAP. I think it might have been for a long time too. As a couple of regulars here can attest to, I was a noisy snorer as far back as my teenage days in the Boy Scouts. I had a reputation as a loud snoring tent mate back when my body fat was below 15% (maybe below 10% in my cross country days).

I literally don't want to spend one more day without that CPAP device if possible, so I should probably think of a plan for extended power outage to make sure the thing keeps going.

The work scene should go back to mostly background noise sometime this week. I have a philosophical post I want to write about, so hopefully I can fill your brains up a bit this week (a hint: the Clintons and McCain/Bush may be more the same than different). I might also vent my spleen about a Crystal Reports shortfall over at the tech blog at Snabulus too cuz boy-howdy I need to. Stay tuned.


ladybug said...

I can certainly attest to the CPAP's good effects. I remember you falling asleep at any and all couldn't help it!

You have alot more energy for daily tasks instead of being completely wore out at the end of the work day.

Anonymous said...

In the so-called "first world" we take electricity for granted. Sure is a rude awakening when that flow of electrons is interrupted, even for a short period of time. 'Hope you find a simple solution to making sure your CPAP keeps working no matter what.

Good luck to the Mini-Snab on her exams.

Dean Wormer said...


Perhaps a generator for just these situations in the future.

It also sucks when you have a cold and the Cpap's not as effective.

Don Snabulus said...


Aye. You would know best!


I still like camping and backpacking, so I am combing the web for options there as well. It looks like there are some low-power possibilities.


A generator is much cheaper than a CPAP machine...hmmm. I agree that stuffy noses are a pain with a CPAP.

Overdroid said...

You need to get a solar CPAP.

Dave said...

My mom has real trouble wearing her CPAP, but she needs it so I can see where you are coming from.

Swinebread said...

I had a similar situation with my eyes. I would get terrible eyestrain and headaches with glasses. When I got contacts, finally I could read and look a computer screen for extended periods of time. I felt so much better.

(LB you listening?)

Pandabonium said...
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Pandabonium said...

Slip Me Some Oxygen

Continuously Positive I try to be
With the Air Pressure that is coming to me
Thanks to electrons dancing in wires
Without which I would awaken so tired

But these days utilities sometimes are fickle
And value my sleep something less than a nickel
So I must seek security while between the sheets
By finding an energy source that’s not to be beat

So if you know ways to keep the air flowing
Please offer them up so I won’t be snorin’
And will get a deep rest, which I need so dearly,
That Ladybug and MiniSnab will thank you sincerely

The Moody Minstrel said...

Oh, I remember well the troubled nights
Within the tents at Boy Scout summer camp,
The snoring, the complaints, subsequent fights,
The drama 'neath the battery-powered lamp.

No sooner would we close our weary eyes
Than there would come a din most terrible,
Soon followed by Dave's irritated cries:
"Don! You're just being irresponsible!"

Of course, Don couldn't help his snoring curse,
And I would moan, "Dave, would you get a life?"
But that just made Dave's mood get even worse,
And in the troubled night there'd be more strife.

Eventually sleep would have its way,
And we would heave a sigh at morning's light,
But we all dreaded the end of the day;
That drama happened every bloody night.

I often wondered how Don went through life.
What kind of living could the man maintain?
With all that racket, could he keep a wife?
Would lack of oxygen mangle his brain?

Re: the wife, the answer is a "Yep!"
Re: the brain, I'd say, "It's working! See?"
He's gone and taken such a helpful step
By getting himself a CPAP.

Alas, however, it is a machine,
And though it does most everything it should,
It has one flaw, something that we've all seen:

Life in the 21st century...

Don Snabulus said...


Some people are working on a solar-friendly solution out there.


The masks are a pain. I have sympathy for your Mom. If the benefits weren't so dramatic, I wouldn't want to fuss with it.


Ah, a sibling jibe...we've talked about it.

PB & MM,

Wow, great poetry and definitely appreciated. If I ever get more material, they will be included in my epic: Odyssey 2, The Life of Don. :D

Dave said...

Don, I apoligize for being such an anti snore advocate. Probably have the same difficulty my self soon.

ladybug said...


Please don't worry. MM has a more granular memory than I have, but I don't remember one particular person over another giving me more heck and it was more a comment in passing than something that bugged me...none of which matters because I was as loud as a chainsaw and whatever annoyance I experienced was multiplied outward by the lack of sleep of others near my tent.

Besides, the good memories of fellowship and being out in nature with my friends are far stronger.

ladybug said...

oops, I was logged in as my wife. This is Don Snabulus here.

Pandabonium said...

Pulling a Giuliani on us, eh?

Don Snabulus said...