Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here Comes 2008 and Some Changes

You might have noticed that I've been monkeying with the Snabulus logo and such. The tinkering will continue until it all looks right with a new look. However, I must admit that a little more than 5 years later I am feeling the ennui (French for boredom) when it comes to blogging.

I am starting to feel more content visiting the folks in the blog roll and making comments than coming up with material here. The funny part is that I am not sure exactly why this should be. Chalk it up to an amalgam of several factors including plain boredom, other goals starting to take precedence, and more complex emanations that would take too long to explain.

To summarize the last 5 years of blogging, there are 3 types of writing which have dominated the site.

  1. The Early Years - Lots of politics and activist writing. These pieces resulted in lots of comments, little in the way of changing minds, but a lot in the way of straining friendships. Interestingly, new readers were not much to be found during this time. My friends span a great number of points of view and while I feel the need to vent publicly sometimes, I try to spend more time pondering the fact that all these folks are bright people and have their reasons for their viewpoint.
  2. The Travel and Living Log Entries - These were the most fun to write and it seemed the most fun to read. The comment count fell a bit, but the feeling of fellowship actually grew as did the number of new readers from outside the pre-Internets Snabby circle. Other family members joined the scene and the satisfaction level was higher for me. These became harder to produce primarily due to two factors. First, we've written about all of our traditional activities already (Oregon Country Fair, Oktoberfest, Verboort Sausage Festival, etc.) and, while we enjoy recreating tradition, we don't see the need to rehash it other than to allow others the chance to share the fun by attending the events themselves. Second, our digital cameras are either deteriorating or lost. We lose that proverbial thousand words for every picture we can't post. We will fix that when we can but, for now, Kaputski!
  3. The "General Entertainment" entries - These entries include the personality quizzes including such gems as: Which cast member from All in the Family are You? What Underarm Deodorant are You? and the always popular Which Serial Murderer are You (ok, these are all fakes, but I wanted to have fun!)? They are great for blogs because they create content when your muse is out back smoking a cigarette and are entertaining to comment about. There was also Kool-Aid blogging, the Snabulus Caption Contest, and other comments on entertainment and pop culture. Some of these were quite popular; others not so much.
While these 3 kinds of blogging have been fun, I feel like those forms have run their course for me. My alternate blogging search has not gone well. MySpace held my attention for about a week and FaceBook for about a day. FaceBook also requires your real name (which I did not give) and they basically collect demographic information which they database and share with their business partners and with other FaceBook users including items you buy offsite (talk about spyware!). No, if I wanted Soviet living, I would have moved there before the walls fell and were then replaced with mob crime. I was hoping other blog software could fill the void of how I wanted to present information, but most are the same as their competitors with only minor difference.

So writing a different kind of blog software might be in my plans. I say "might" because I have a number of other crazy programming ideas I am working on, so this one may get backburnered or not depending on my personal whim. After reading Stephen Colbert's I Am America (and So Can You), I realized that one column writing is not the only method for blogging. Maybe there are other things that can happen like writing smartass comments in the margins so you aren't confusing the reader with parentheses, etc.. So I am going to start looking at how to play with web pages in the same way that can make a web page act as an Instant Messenger to maybe make blogging a bit more free-form. Maybe something will come of it; maybe not. If
my wackiness catches on, I may use as a delivery vehicle and it will be more of a commercial site (except without the annoying kinds of advertising: I hate that). If that happens, I want to be sure I have a KickAss logo so the experimentation there is likely to continue.

Anyhoo, I am not sure where I wanted to go with this, but I guess the bottom line is that I might be blogging a bit less for a while. Moody, Ladybug, and InfoGeek are sure invited to fill in as desired, but they all have lives (and sometimes other blogs) as well. If my blogging software actually goes anywhere, I may ask for beta-testers. If you want to get burned repeatedly by cranky software, I say GO FOR IT and reply in the affirmative.

Above all, may your 2008 allow you to attain your goals, cope with this tumultuous world and its tempestuous economy. May we all treat each other better and with more respect, try to walk in the shoes of those who are oppressed and less fortunate, and may tenderness and gestures of goodwill triumph over zeal and callousness in the coming year.


Dave said...

You seem to run into the same problem I did. I got tired of my own head. I am currently trying to conceive of another web site, but I have about as much interest in it as I have stepping on a rusty nail.

Deep Thought...

Swinebread said...

Snab – you’ve often spoken about how dean and I have a theme. For me, that’s because of several reasons. 1. I don’t really know anybody that reads comics and so I have no one to talk to about them. The blog fills that for me. 2, I think my life is pretty boring so I’d rather talk about external things. 3. I’ve tried to make a concise effort to remain away from things that really piss me off. Blogging should be a fun activity. At least I think so.

Picking a theme might work for you but I’m not sure that’s your style. Maybe a recurring topic or essay style that propels you and is as a means to write might help. Another Idea is to pair down concepts to a simple idea like Selba often does. Less is more sometimes. Another idea is document an on going project. That can be very fun.
I dunno’ just thinking.

Hmmm, hey maybe you could start reading tons of comics and then you’d have loads to talk about…
…at least with me. J

Pandabonium said...

Whatever evolves here, as long as there are posts I will be lurking about to read them. The factors you mention are common among bloggers, myself included. I lost one of the major reasons for my PI blog a few months ago and have been in a bit of a posting slump since. I don't know what the answer is, or maybe it does not need an answer, we just go our way blogging on or not.

What ever you do, thank you for what you've written so far. I astarted reading Snabulus Web Log because of my then new acquaintence with the Moody Minstrel. This blog and then his got me to thinking about doing a blog of my own, so I owe something to you there as well.

One thing that brings me back to this blog is your hospitality. You wrote, "May we all treat each other better and with more respect, try to walk in the shoes of those who are oppressed and less fortunate, and may tenderness and gestures of goodwill triumph over zeal and callousness in the coming year."
That sentiment makes for a blog where people of divergent views can comment and share thoughts. Maintaining that attitude is not easy for many of us, certainly not me.

Best of luck with the metamorphosis and all the best for the Snabulus clan in 2008.

The Moody Minstrel said...

It's just the age.
It's just a stage.
We disengage, we turn the page.

Considering I'm no longer able to blog about the most significant and eventful portion of my life, I'm kind of in the same boat. Still, there will always be waves of creativity, and the blog is there to serve as a handy outlet.

It's also a good way to meet interesting people, right?

I'm sure this latest slump will pass.

Don Snabulus said...


I've wondered about those nails myself...:D.


Points to ponder. I will churn in through my head sponge and see what drips out.


I love the travelogue stuff in PI, but I guess we can't travel all the time. ;) Thanks for the comments.


Yeah, maybe I will go for quality over quantity...or neither (I don't write much, but it sucks). Who knows?

Overdroid said...

More naked pictures.

Dean Wormer said...

The problem is you're too damn good of a writer, snab.

If you took my path - complete disregard for the rules of grammar, conjuction, spelling and coherent thoughts you'd be much happier and able to blog 'til your heart's desire.

Personally I think writing about and debating politics is kind of hard to do anymore. We all have outrage fatigue and nothing is getting fixed.

Don Snabulus said...


Agreed. Naked pictures of robots. Erotibots.


Personally I think writing about and debating politics is kind of hard to do anymore. We all have outrage fatigue and nothing is getting fixed.

I hear you there. Thanks for complimenting my damn writing by the way. ;)

Dave said...

Here, here, to your damn writing, and may you be much more verbose.

Pyrylium Incantata!

And I know what it means, sort of.