Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh Yeah, Man. June. Totally.

Have you ever let a whole month slip by because of something as simple as wild dogs way too much overtime and junk going on? Me neither. Wait, I am lying. June was like that for me. Work went nuts with new projects and so forth and most of my vacation was canceled and my weekends and evenings were eaten up by various forms of programming, debugging, meatball surgery, travel, installations, and more. It was poopy.

In any case, I am sorry for not providing the stunning commentary and gripping action-packed blog entries that you have come to expect from the Snabulus blog. Luckily, things are coming back under control. The MiniSnab is off starting a vegetarian rebellion at some camp in Washington (even though she still likes Happy Meals and a good Ahi Tuna Steak). Ladybug is feeding some kids and staff at a daycare facility, and I am getting back to 40 hrs/week again at work.

I also underwent a "sleep study" because of general fatigue and found out that I have somewhere around 139 apnea related events per hour during sleep. This means that I am either not breathing or barely breathing for a period of 10 or more seconds PER EVENT. That was not surprising since they made me sleep on my back and I barely felt like I slept at all. During my 2 hour test, I was in REM sleep for less than a minute and my oxygen level fell as low as 72% of normal. They hooked me up to a machine called a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) and things drastically improved.

So, now I have my own CPAP machine to use at home. Even after one day, my energy level is higher than it has been in years. I also didn't have to fight to stay awake at work. So, if you are a big time snorer and your significant other/roommate/beer buddy says you are not breathing for long periods of time when sleeping, I suggest you look into a sleep study.

Another byproduct of my work was traveling to San Jose, California to install our software (that I wrote 90% of) at a major .COM company. That is a beautiful area with a dry, but mild climate and lots of opportunities. The big buildings in San Jose are named after software companies instead of banks and the HQ for Adobe and Apple are only minutes away. And yet, I was able to drive for 20 minutes and find some VERY rural, as in nearly survivalist, enclaves up in the coastal mountains above Cupertino. Lots of redwoods, huge madrone trees, and NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere. A saw a couple people that looked like older hippies but the look in their eyes was more of a Ted Nugent vibe (Hippies with Guns). After I got back on the road I was supposed to have stayed on, I got back to the gated mansion driveways you would expect in California, especially approaching the high-class bedroom community of Saratoga. The nearby Monterey Bay area is nicer, but I enjoyed my off time in the San Jose area just the same.

Since most of you aren't interestied in geeky stuff the intricacies of creating and consuming PDA web services and probably haven't even heard of the .NET framework, I will sign off until my more sane schedule allows me to live more life worth blogging about.


ladybug said...

Yo tellin' me! How'd it get to be the 7th of July all of a sudden?

Anonymous said...

Both my parent have sleep apnea, and I probably do too. Good thing you identified the problem. Here is to your good health.

Pandabonium said...

I like San Jose. My brother went to San Jose State (back in the 60's). They have a cool science museum I took my girls to about five years ago. Two other neat attractions (for the tourist like me) - the Winchester House built by the wife of the inventor of the repeating rifle, and up the mountain is a most beautiful observatory - the Lick- which is over 100 years old and looks like something from a Jules Verne novel.

Sleep well, be well.

Anonymous said...

"The MiniSnab is off starting a vegetarian rebellion at some camp in Washington"

Be grateful when rebellion takes the form of a healthy lifestyle choice.

The Moody Minstrel said...

You're right, Isis. What's WRONG with kids these days? ;-)

Swinebread said...

Sleep apnea, serious stuff…. I’m glad you got that checked out. I bet it shortens your life if it’s not treated.

Dean Wormer said...

First- Anybody that can quote Jack Handy is okay in my book.

The Cpap is the greatest thing ever. You'd think the machine would bug the s.o. but it's all white noise.

SOOOOO happy for you Snab.

Don Snabulus said...




Congrats on your Presidential run. If Ron Paul drops out, you might get my vote...

If your current employer provides medical insurance and you never feel rested, it might be worth your time.


Hopefully we have more installs in San Jose so I can check all that out.


True. She just needs to realize that revolution starts within before foisting it on others.


What was wrong with US kids in those days?


I think you're right. I really feel better after just a few days.

DewKid said...

There's this ad that plays all the time on my radio: CPAP Pro

Don't know if that's useful information or not, but there you are. Glad to hear you have discovered the problem! :-)

Don Snabulus said...


That looks interesting! I bookmarked the page in case the current apparatus grows troublesome. While it is definitely not much fun to hook up to a reverse vacuum cleaner using a small respirator-like mask attached by a hose, the amazing increase in my energy level is worth it, not to mention that the first few days of feeling rested were darn-near euphoric.

I appreciate you looking out for fact the well-wishes for my health from everyone above are very much appreciated.