Monday, April 16, 2007

Tagged; Part Deux

Actually, this should have been "Part 1" but I wasn't sure I had to do the whole thing...but decided I better anyway.

The tag questions is this: If I were to be marooned on an island, what five bloggers would I want to have there with me?

Now, I'm going to change this a little bit, as I can't believe one wouldn't be able to take one's significant other on this little sojourn on some enchanted Polynesian it's going to have to be 10 people, not counting Snabby and I (since were a team!).

1. Mini-Snab and friend of her choice - already have one kid missing in this life, ain't gonna have another!

2. Our ex-neighbors and good friends T & C (and their 2 boys, but since they're kids, they don't count) - They are young and work hard, plus we know we can live in close proximity and not drive each other crazy!

3. Pandabonium & SO - They have the actual skills & knowledge to survive on my imagined "South Pacific Paradise", plus we'd have some great conversations!

4. Dean Wormer, SO & kids - They're alot of fun, and we're going to need some comic distractions! Plus they don't mind a little bit of hard work and the more the merrier!

5. Swinebread, his SO & our doctorate sibling (ok, it's kind of a weird grouping, but bear with me). We'll the professor to properly document our "Last of the Mohican" type existance; and Swinebreads military training plus C's excellent organizational skills will come in handy!

Well, that's it. Should be just enough folks to make it interesting, but not so many as to starve to death!


Don Snabulus said...

I will build the distillery, for what is a tropical island without tropical beverages? :D

Swinebread said...

Yeah, that military training will come real handy! I can train everybody to build foxholes and camouflage their tents!

My SO is a good cook, so it would be good to have her along though.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Ten+ instead of five? Oh, well. If you do start starving, at least you'll have an ample supply of meat.

Overdroid said...

Just for not including me I am sending my tertiary drones to strand you on a desert island by yourself.


Pandabonium said...

This sounds like fun, but where did it say "tropical"? What if we end up in a less hospitable climate? Oh, never mind, I'll have another of whatever Snabby is serving.

PS - I can see now why it was wise not to pick Moody. He gets that crazed, hungry look in his eyes...

DewKid said...

He he, you said MEAT.


Dean Wormer said...

I'm honored to be included.

Can I bring Ginger and Mary Ann?

That's MY deserted island wish.


ladybug said...

Darn, I looked at the calendar at the school's website, and it looks like they are celebrating it on Tuesday too! (Last year they did it on Saturday, so I was assuming they would do the same thing this year...)

Alternativly, maybe go to the Chrystal Springs Rhododenron Garden, or do the Mayday thing w/your neighbors-you can make free/cheap boxes by cutting a cereal box in half, covering it w/paper (gift wrap or construction), punching some holes in the sides for a yarn hanger and there ya go!

Also, you can make a cone hanger w/construction paper, glue and/or staples too... we do whatever is the fastest and cheapest!

Then we use whatever's blooming in our yard to give to people (looks like liliacs, rhodies, and maybe some bleeding heart's for us this year).

ladybug said...

oops, I posted this in the wrong blog entry folks...