Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quasi-Flashback: The Miracle of People

So it is easter. Not an anniversary for 9/11 or anywhere close to it. However, I was looking through my old pages to see if there way anything to "flash back" to when I ran across the "When Words Fail" website. It shows how the world grieved with us because of 9/11. All of us. All of them. Together.

Regardless of how we Americans squandered that goodwill, and rest assured my good readers we sure as hell did, there was a period of time when politics didn't matter, religion didn't matter, and those petty squabbles and major conflicts took a back seat to an atrocity that occurred in OUR COUNTRY, with OUR PEOPLE dying as well as those from other countries. The people of the world were shocked into showing their love and solace for America, regardless of their differences with us.

Here is a sample from the site:

When Words Fail...

In Belarus...


In Germany...

Even so-called Mr. Terrorism himself know when things had gotten way, way too far...

Here is to those died on 9/11 and we hope that our questions about that day are answered completely and fully at some future date. Those of us who lived through that day owe it to those who didn't to fully seek the details and demand justice where justice is due. A simple blanket comdemnation of a religion or a race is not only immoral, but also not nearly enough. Every T must be crossed and every I must be dotted or the coverup will damage us all and words will indeed fail to mean much of anything at all.


Swinebread said...

I wish Gore had been president… it would have been so different… I really believe that we would have captured or killed Bin Laden, not gone into Iraq, and not wasted all the good will that the US had for that small time…

Anonymous said...

Gore's response would have not been much better than Clinton's attempt which bombed an innocent aspirin factory. I shudder to think where we would be today if Gore had been in office at the time.

You would think that with the memory of 911 fresh in our minds, that we wouldn't see massive protests against the war. How quickly we forget.

ladybug said...

I remember this too, and how we wasted so much goodwill from so many countries/people.

I wished we'd invested the 100's of billions on Americans-investing in the decrepit Health system, Education, and rebuilding.

Instead, Bush & Co. chose money, power (for themselves) and waste (in lives and money for everyone else).

Don Snabulus said...

If Gore had been President, chances are excellent that there would have been no 9/11 in my opinion.

However, a realistic conclusion to draw from this post is that people came together for a brief time even though the governments never did.

I have not a molecule of doubt in my mind that any of us who reads this blog would have sacrificed our life to have stopped what happened on 9/11. Our one and only life on this Earth. Any of us. And without hesitation.

Looking at all of the pictures on that site is a continuing reminder that there are indeed sacred moments in the midst of chaos that even the most cynical cannot deny.

Dean Wormer said...

I second Swine's comment on Gore and Snabby's follow up that 9/11 probably wouldn't of happened. Bushies came in to office as the anti-Clinton candidates which meant doing everything differently than the previous administration, including worrying about terrorism.

So frustrating about the squandering of goodwill. George W. Bush was exactly the wrong man for this period of time. He simply wasn't and isn't up to the momentous task facing us as a country. So sad that some still drink the koolaid...

Pandabonium said...

People did come together as a result of this 'Pearl Harbor'-like event. The thought that some people had exactly that reaction in mind when they perpetrated this mass murder makes me sick and angry.

On the flip side, seeing how very diverse people dropped their barriers to act heroically, show compassion, and share their grief in the face of enormous tragedy gives me hope.

The Moody Minstrel said...

It just goes to show you that human beings are still human beings no matter where they are in the world or what "evil empire" they supposedly live in. We need to keep that in mind with regard to our world view.

Next time you hear someone (including yourself) say, "Nuke Iran," remember: Iranians mourned 9/11, too, often with tears.

Swinebread said...

Dear pa've:
The Iraq war has nothing to do with 9-ll. That’s a smokescreen put out by the Bush administration to get us in there. Of course now the US has created a terrorist training camp in Iraq that enables Al Qaeda to directly kill Americans as part of their training. Simply put, the Iraq war is the biggest blunder in American foreign policy ever. I have not forgotten 9-11, that crime was perpetrated by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, not Saddam Hussein. Invading Iraq was a highjacking of American grief for Bush’s political ends. It’s conservatives that can’t or won’t remember what’s what.

Also, as someone who was in the military in the 1990s I remember a distinct lack of support by conservatives for any and all humanitarian missions let alone military missions. I remember conservative legislators saying we shouldn’t be the world’s police. Gingrich would never have authorized monies for an invasion of Afghanistan at the time. They ask us to “support the troops” (which they don’t, Walter Reed and the body armor are nothing new) but why didn’t they support me and my buddies when I was in Bosnia? Why? Because we weren’t working for their dream of a one-party system or funneling money into their coffers like Bush does.

I think it is very sad that you think that Bush is better than the possibility of a Gore presidency. How many scandals does he have to have, how many people have to die, how civil liberties have to taken away before those on the right recognize what a disaster his presidency have been for our country.

Anonymous said...

Swinebread, I could not disagree with you more. But rather than labor the point, we obviously come from different political camps, you are not going to change your opinion, and neither shall I.

Don Snabulus said...


For a guy who "has lost all faith in GWB" (as you had written earlier), you sure seem to have walked back into the fold rather easily.

For the last time...

Bush is not a conservative (a quote from you)

and yes, most Republicans sounded like they walked out of an ANSWER-sponsored rally in the late 90s when it suited their purposes.

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Don Nickles (R-OK): "I think he’s [Clinton] gotten us into a
mess. I don’t think you can bomb a country into signing a peace agreement."

Candidate "Bush, in Austin, criticized President Clinton’s administration for not doing enough to enunciate a goal
for the Kosovo military action and indicated the bombing campaign might not be a tough enough
response. ‘Victory means exit strategy, and it's important for the president to explain to us what the exit
strategy is,’ Bush said." [Houston Chronicle, 4/9/99]

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK): "(P)resident [Clinton] has decimated our ability to defend ourselves."
[USA Today, 4/5/99]

Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA): "This is the most inept foreign policy in the
history of the United States." [Washington Times, 4/29/99]

Even our current President was one of those long-haired one dimensional anti-war hippie strawmen (Republicans are so fond of) in 1999. Read what they said...much more strident and, dare I say it, anti-American than what we hear from Democrats now. And this was a conflict we actually prevailed in unlike the current one which is lost.

As I read your page, you even have doubts about the government's story of 9/11 (as do I), so...

Try to stick to one story, bud. I observed the ONLY anti-war rally in the state after 9/11 and before the drums beat for Iraq. There were less than 100 people there and that was AFTER it was made pretty clear by the Bush Administration that Afghanistan was going to get minimal resources (then we found out why: Iraq).

You were right to lose faith in Bush and you could be right in remaining Conservative, but try to stay somewhere near reality. Political differences don't change reality; left, right, or otherwise.

Go ahead and provoke, but at least try to provoke on-topic and within the scope of the facts.

Anonymous said...

I stand by what I said. President Bush is not the best president we could have elected, however, I would have rather elected another republican, not AL Gore.

President Bush is not a conservative, however, neither is he comepletely left. He is a moderate.

I don't think Bush's errors have anything to do with his political bent on certain aspects, they are just poor decisions about our method of conducting the war in Iraq.

Actually, I have some hope that Bush is moving more in the right direction in conducting the war, all though I am still suspicious about his motives.

I don't know if GWB is behind the WTC tower thing or not, however, I will say that some very big business interests have taken advantage of the tower's destruction, and I still suspect the liberal media as having a part in covering up key information. If there was any substantiation to the idea that Republicans were behind the WTC event, we would never hear the end of it, however, the key people who may have had demolition charges installed in building seven may not have been republicans, of that I don't know.

Assuming that corporate interests are soley republican interests is an error. There are actually more corporations owned and controlled by democrats than republicans.

In finality, Al Gore just doesn't have any common sense. One only needs to look at how he talks about global warming. He absolutely fails to include naturally occuring earth changes in the debate at all. He is of the impression that it is all man made. It is not.

I don't think I have disagreed with myself. But thanks for reminding me to clarify.

Anonymous said...

After a brief check of my article, you will find I implicated the CIA. But the CIA seems to have its own agenda, not with Bush's best interests. Note the incredibly poor data they provided about WMD's.

Dean Wormer said...

President Bush is not a conservative, however, neither is he comepletely left. He is a moderate.

Only on a fantasy political spectrum featuring Genghis on the Left and John Birch on the Right could the conservative George W. Bush be considered "moderate."

Don Snabulus said...


Thanks for clarifying your earlier stances. I can understand why you wouldn't like Gore and can't think of him as an alternative to GWB. I obviously feel differently, but that is a judgment call.

I still marvel at your falling for the liberal press line of baloney. In a deregulated industry owned by defense contractors and folks like Rev. Moon and Rupert Murdoch, I would absolutely LOVE to have some counterpart to Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and their few dozen wannabees out there. I would even take people like Mark Hatfield and Pat Buchanan and Charley Reese, all conservatives and Christians. However, we aren't allowed even a moderate right program on the major news channels.

Since GWBs father was head of the CIA for a time and the Bush's still do business with the Bin Laden's and these are all established fact, then it follows that if you are going to say the US gov't is behind 9/11, then GWB has got to be a primary beneficiary.

Since the "media" has collaborated with the Bush government in blacking out the actual events surrounding 9/11, we are left with only snippets of information and physical evidence that I don't believe prove much of anything.

I would also say that if you are going to read the sites doubting the government story, you also need to read the debunking articles in Popular Mechanics and Skeptic.

Who did it? I don't know. I would say a majority of readers at this site believe it was 19 radical Islamist hijackers who piloted aircraft as is the accepted story. Maybe they are right, but that story has some holes in it too like some of the "hijackers" are still alive (check the BBC) and therefore the real people responsible are unaccounted for.

Hence the need for a real investigation. This event happened to us, we are all heavily affected by it, and we deserve a thorough explanation that we have not received.

The truth is not a member of a political party, makes no money off of war, and makes no money off of selling conspiracy videos.

This, if you re-read my original post was my main point.

DewKid said...

I'm glad I've stayed away from Snabulus. I'd have had nothing useful to add here.

Don Snabulus said...

There is always the music videos...