Saturday, April 14, 2007

May Day!

A fun time to celebrate the warming days - May Day used to be celebrated in our neck of the woods by kids hanging paper baskets of flowers on neighbors doors, ringing the doorbell, then running away and hiding. There were no big parades or anything, but it was never a big holiday here in the US anyway.

That's changing a little bit, but you kind of have to search out the festivities. Usually Waldorf schools hold a May Day party, complete with Morris Dancing, (a type of traditional English folk dance), and a May Pole Ribbon dance, sometimes a May Queen and King.

Here in the Rose City, you can visit the Rose Garden at sunrise on May 1st, to join ia public celebration with 3 different folk dance troupes, music and a May Pole dance!


Don Snabulus said...

Count me in, ladybug!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Let's hear it for colorful fertility rites!

Pandabonium said...

This brings back a memory of a 5th grade May Day celebration at my elementary school - the only one I recall experiencing. Good fun.

Dean Wormer said...

That thing at the Rose Garden sounded great until I realized it was on a Tuesday.

Why couldn't I just be independently wealthy.


ladybug said...

Yea, I know. The Cedarwood school in SW Portland is having a Maypole dance & celebration, with the Renegade Rose Morris dancers on Saturday, perhaps that's an alternative?

Dean Wormer said...


When is that dance? Mrs. Wormer's sister is getting married in the afternoon but if it's a morning thing we might be just be able to go.

Elisa (Italia) said...

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ladybug said...

Darn, I looked at the calendar at the school's website, and it looks like they are celebrating it on Tuesday too! (Last year they did it on Saturday, so I was assuming they would do the same thing this year...)

Alternativly, maybe go to the Chrystal Springs Rhododenron Garden, or do the Mayday thing w/your neighbors-you can make free/cheap boxes by cutting a cereal box in half, covering it w/paper (gift wrap or construction), punching some holes in the sides for a yarn hanger and there ya go!

Also, you can make a cone hanger w/construction paper, glue and/or staples too... we do whatever is the fastest and cheapest!

Then we use whatever's blooming in our yard to give to people (looks like liliacs, rhodies, and maybe some bleeding heart's for us this year).

Dean Wormer said...

Dang it.

We may have to do our own celebration as you suggest.

I love ceremonies at dawn. I went to an Easter bonfire for Easter vigil some years ago when I was a practicing Catholic and it was one of the most moving experiences I'd ever had.

though that could've been the pre-morning groginess.