Thursday, April 05, 2007

I got tagged...

So, I will now list out my top 5 favorite places to eat at my location.

1. Caprial's - This uber expensive restaurant we actually haven't eaten at in several years as the wine list seems to be as extensive as the prices are high. However it's the best place I have EVER eaten! You can lounge around for hours and never feel rushed, just like back in Europe. Let's just say I would love to eat here once a month, when my MBA job at Bank of America comes through that is.

2. DeNicola's - sort of a hole in the wall place right on Powell Blvd. that's nearly 30 years old. It's old fashioned Italian, meaty, greasy and oh so good! My Dad, my daughter and I would usually have dinner about once every 2 months there when I lived on the east side. It's got great prices and it's kid friendly.
*We had a reception dinner there after our son's memorial service; and 50 people showed up instead of the 25 I had made reservations for; they handled it with no problem and NO mistakes in the orders! It was kind of funny, I was the first to walk in, (and I had flowers w/me of course), and the woman in charge (a daughter of the original owners, and probably now an owner herself), said "So do I wish you a Happy Birthday, or is it a wedding we're celebrating today!?"....I was kind of in shock, so I stammered, "No, um it's not exactly a celebration, it's a reception for the memorial of our baby son who died." Her face fell, and she enveloped me in a huge hug, she & her staff were the nicest, kindest folks!

A close runner up for 2nd, is another Italian place on the west side Nonna Emilia's. Higher prices, but gargantuan portions, a little more upscale.

3. Pretty much any McMenamins...But I particularly like Rock Creek Tavern, just a short drive from our house, but the Road House is actually closer. Service can be slower at times, particularly at Rock Creek. The food is reasonable, good, and there are plenty of vegetarian options. Also, I just like the ambiance, it's really a place for anybody (families, singles, folks getting together after work), not just a "beer" joint an although it can get noisey when busy, not your typical sports bar!. In fact, McMenamins brews most of it's own beer, wine, and spirits.

4. Takahashi - while we haven't had the best luck of late, this is a tried & true homestyle Japanese restaurant that been open many years. Mostly the problem is that you have to wait a long time for a table, and for the food occasionally. I don't like sushi, but I love the gyoza, miso and cucumber salad! Also, their tempura is always delivered hot and fresh.

5. Curry Leaf - although it's in a weird strip mall kind of place, the food's absolutely authentic. I go crazy for the sinful butter chicken, and the garlic nan "is to die for". Indian food is one of my passions, I love it, but so far it's the one I haven't really been able to cook. Perhaps it's the expensive spices, the deep frying, or just lack of technique (nan looks so simple, I mean it can't be harder than tortillas, [which I have made by hand, in the far past], can it?). It's got reasonable prices too, but the last few times we've been, there haven't been that many people. I hope it doesn't close!

Now I tag Swinebread!


Dean Wormer said...


When I was a kid a square pizza from Denicolas/ The Lido was considered a special event. Dad would pick one up on the way home from work.

There would always be corners "missing" by the time it got home and he'd go through the same routine of cursing them out for forgetting to include them on the pizza.

It's a great resteraunt.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I think McMenamins is the only one on that list that I've been to. Some (former) Portlander I am...

Thanks for answering the tag!

Swinebread said...

You forget Burgerville, yuk yuk

ladybug said...

Burgerville's a good thought, but I don't eat there that much actually.

Every once in while the Walla Walla onion rings or real Marionberry shakes draw me, but not too often.