Friday, March 30, 2007

Roadblogging: San Francisco Wed

Wednesday brought reasonably warm temperatures with the sunlight. The main activity of the day was visiting Santa Clara University. Minisnab checked it out as a potential place for college work and for Ladybug it was a chance to visit the alma mater, think about the memories, and see the changes.

We road the Caltran train to the doorstep of the university. The ride was a pleasant experience and Ladybug remarked that the conditions of the entire hour-plus ride to Santa Clara and the stops in between were much better than in her days as a student.

We toured the beautiful campus (as you will see below) and most of the crew got a spiel about how great university life at Santa Clara could be. Tuition is a jaw-dropping $30k per year and the average entering GPA is up around 3.74. This is for a small, out-of-the-way private college amidst dozens in California. The world shrinks and the competition grows. Too bad our nation's educational infrastructure is shrinking with it...but I digress.

We rode back in the afternoon and relaxed/napped for a while. Minisnab and I then decided we wanted to know what life looked like from the top of Nob Hill. By foot. So we walked up and up and (puff, wheeze) up to the top. The views were fabulous, but my roadblogging cell camera had great difficulty doing them justice, so only a couple of shots are shown below. After returning to the hotel, Ladybug and I wandered around and ate a little Thai food for dinner (after more or less snacking earlier anyway). The climb had my knee throbbing and exposed a glaring weakness in my foot orthotics, but it was worth it.

Here we are!

What a beautiful campus. My alma mater, now known as Western Oregon University, had no palm trees and precious few skies as blue as these.

This gorgeous overhead garden of wisteria deserves a great picture. Unfortunately, this isn't it. I should have taken a dozen just to show you one that did this justice.

I was waiting for Mr. Tumnus, but was informed by a flitting hummingbird that he was imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. We're waiting, Aslan...

The university surrounds a Catholic mission. Here is the garden inside the mission. It is earlier and only a few flowers are blooming so far, but it smells nice anyway.

Here is some interesting history on the Santa Clara Mission. Wikipedia has an informational article about the Spanish missions and their history and purpose here.

The front of the Santa Clara mission.

Looking down from the side of Nob Hill.

Grace Cathedral. Looks a bit like Notre Dame in France, eh?

Burning Girl. Minisnab poses in front of the setting sun.

Coit Tower looks far away from my cell phone camera, but it isn't far at all.


Pandabonium said...

Did you see a lady in a grey suit fall out of the bell tower?

Oh, wait, wrong mission - that was Mission San Juan Bautista. (We just watched Vertigo again the other night, which also has views from Nob Hill).

Well, if you had seen someone jump from the bell tower it was probably a parent who just got the tuition bill from the university.

Beautiful pics all 'round. That wisteria must be gorgeous.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm really enjoying this series so far. Keep 'er comin'!

(I'm sure a lot of the gamer geeks in the "family" have this same question on their minds and are afraid to ask, but did you see any Nobz on Nob Hill?)

Don Snabulus said...

PB, the tuition scares the bejeebers out of me.

Oh, 1958 Kim Novak, we love you.

MM, I have Thursday (with pix) and Friday (w/o) to go. Keep on enjoying and I would say Nob Hill is only about 20% Nobz.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tumnus was a naughty fawn.

I just saw the latest rendition of Narnia the other day.

Other words, I wouldn't have the slightest idead what the lamp post was all about.

Don Snabulus said...

I loves my obscure references...

Swinebread said...

Why did I stay in OR when I went to school? You tell me...

I'm such a dumbass