Sunday, March 04, 2007

OBVIOusly Cool

All I want is the electric version of this car...

Please send your donations of $10,000 US or more to my home address.

Click the car for more info...




Anonymous said...

What do you suppose the shark fin like projection is for?

Did you get any stats on it?

Don Snabulus said...

They have a Windows XP device called a Carputer with internet access. I suspect the shark fin is for cellular high speed wireless network like the Cingular EDGENet.

The standard technical specs are available on the web site by clicking on the car.

Info Geek said...

Snabby wrote: "They have a Windows XP device called a Carputer..."

Wait, wait, wait,... this is just too easy! Since this car uses a Windows OS, won't getting insurance be difficult because of all the "crashes" it will experience?

For all the people in the UK who purchase this car, does "re-booting" mean opening and closing the trunk repeatedly if it does work right the first time?

How often will the "drivers" have to updated? Every 3,000 miles?

OK, I'll give someone else a shot at this silliness.

Pandabonium said...

Cool. "kei cars" are very popular in Japan (35% of the new car market). They are a class of cars that have engines of under 660cc, and are a maximum of 11 feet long. Some are 4 passenger. They get over 50 mpg and cost as little as US$9K.

The "Hello Kitty" car I featured on my blog is a Kei car.

All electric would neat. I want one too.

As for money, that should read "leave cash on my front porch in a brown paper bag in the dead of night....."

The Moody Minstrel said...

I used to own a kei car, too, Pandabonium! In fact, I owned three of them in quick succession. I had an ancient Suzuki Alto (as in made in 1987...and the car shops wondered why the heck it was still running since they were NOT built to last) that finally fell apart after a couple of years. Then I bought another slightly newer Suzuki Alto, and its engine went blooie in less than a year. Then I got a Daihatsu Mira. That was an awesome car that stood up well to all the punishment I gave it and ran like a charm. I finally got rid of it when I decided I wanted a car with real space in it and bought the BLUE RAV4.

What's really amazing is what Nissan did with the March. The newer ones are nothing like the clunky, little box my wife had when we first got married. Now they have fingerprint-recognizing door locks, and some of the models sold in Japan have onboard computer systems with wireless network access like this Obvio does.

Anonymous said...

Car Biometrics. I see a day when the FBI will be able to upload your car's fingerprint data and track where you go, along with the GPS. That is why I am perfectly happy with my truck, which is aging, but I don't want a new car with onstar or equivelant.

Pandabonium said...

Moody - yeah, the March is a pretty good looking car these days.

Pa've - no worries. They can track us (not that they need to) with these little gems: Hitachi develops new RFID chip. The chips have a built in antenna and are just .4mm on a side (for comparison, a pin head is 1.5 mm in diameter).

Swinebread said...

Hmmmm car not use lots a gas? blargh.... gulp