Thursday, March 01, 2007

Billy Thorpe, Rest in Peace

From ABC Australia:

'He went out on a high'

A public memorial service will be held on Sunday afternoon in Sydney for rock legend Billy Thorpe, who died this morning of a heart attack.

Thorpe died early today at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney after suffering a massive heart attack.

The rocker was rushed from his Darling Point home in Sydney's east by ambulance just after midnight suffering from chest pains. He later died with his family at his side.

Howlspace has a good history of Billy Thorpe.

Here is a video using the Thorpe's song Children of the Sun. We used that song in high school to test every pair of speakers we came across to make sure they could handle the sheer awesomeness of the synthesized space ships.

Thanks Billy for your important role in music.

Update: Billy Thorpe's official website:

Update 2: Here is a Billy in 1968:


Hypatia said...

God, I love that song! It's so 60's psychodelic while totally rockin'out as well! Heard on KGON that the singer had died while on tour in Aussieland. Bummer.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Billy WHO? ;-)

Pandabonium said...

my total ignorance of this man's existence until reading this post (upon his death) is sad testimony to the sorry state of modern communications. We think we have such immediate broad access to the world, yet that is really a lie. Our access is not denied, but is channeled, filtered, controlled, and distorted by our political/corporate masters. With just enough latitude to delude us into thinking we are free....

Alas, Billy, I hardly (didn't even get a chance to) know you!