Friday, February 16, 2007

Mohammed Stops a Highjacking


Mauritanian hijacker gets in hot water

By JUAN MANUEL PARDELLAS, Associated Press Writer 10 minutes ago

TENERIFE, Canary Islands — A fast-thinking pilot with passengers in cahoots fooled a hijacker by braking hard upon landing, then accelerating to knock the man down. When he fell, flight attendants threw boiling water in his face, and about 10 people pounced on him, Spanish officials said Friday.

And we finally here about the hero with the Muslim name in the last sentence.

Air Mauritania identified the heroic pilot as Ahmedou Mohamed Lemine, a 20-year-veteran of the company.

The whole article is a good read and quite educational. It also illustrates why human intelligence is more effective than a barrel full of paranoia. Is that your toothpaste or a bomb?

(In case you are worried that this is turning back into a political blog, don't. I am done censoring myself, but fun is funner than strife so I am going with it most of the time.)

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Hypatia said...

This is a right on post.

Most people, regardless of religion, ethnicity or what have you, don't want to die.

Especially for a stupid reason like a attention whore suicide bomber.

If 9/11 pointed anything out, is that you might as well try and stop the hijacker, you might save yourself and many others to boot.