Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, some more holidays are coming up, several of which I'm greatly fond of...

1st up is Ground Hog Day, February 2nd, which I like to celebrate by watching the movie..wait for it...GROUND HOG DAY! (and/or Caddyshack, with Stripes for dessert)...kind of like a Bill Murray WTF Day marathon.

I honestly don't know if a gopher counts as a "groundhog", since they seem to be the only varmints around here that fit the bill, I guess I'll count them in. Hope they don't assault your yard...they eat up/tear up the darndest things....hate'em.

The second item in this trilogy of festivity is Valentine's Day. I like it especially as it is an "unofficial" anniversary for Snabby & I, so we always arrange to get away for a weekend in February; usually somewhere near the beach. This mostly involves a hotel and alot of sleeping, yes actual sleeping. That seems to be what we do on vacation. Alot. Have we turned into old folks?....dunno. Also, Valentine's is just plain fun. And I love chocolate. So there.

Last, but certainly NOT least is Mardi Gras! I mean, you really start needing an excuse for some drunken crazy revelry around this time of year; winter is getting old by this time, you do it someplace other than your own home, (usually), so you don't have to clean up after yourself or anybody else, AND you get to redeem your oh-so recently-sinful self by going to church to get ashes on your forehead-if you so desire. How can you beat that?!

*Please note-Mardi Gras Link takes you to arguably the world's best Mardi Gras Party -Gay Sydney at it's best! Yea, I know, it's summer down under there (tee hee!), but still.


Seymour said...

You forgot to mention Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday the 15th.

I think its just as important as worshipping a narcoleptic rodent!

ladybug said...

You're right, I did forget. But usually I use it to sleep in and do unmentionable things with he-who-shall -not-be-named!

Didn't Martin Luther King want to spread the love, well I'm spreadin' it baby!

Yog-Soth'oth said...

What? How dare you spend time with the nameless one? You cheated on me and I shall devour your eyeballs and soul!

Seymour said...

OMG! Yog-Soth'oth you just got played! Snap!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Uh, oh! We're getting supernatural here! Too bad you guys don't observe Setsubun over there! (It'll be on February 3rd this year.)

Would throwing beans at Yog-Sothoth and yelling curses at him encourage him to leave?

Seymour said...

Beans. Is there anything they can't do?

Pandabonium said...

Love that Groundhog movie.

I'm going to throw natto this year. That should chase out the evil spirits!