Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Kool-Aid Blogging

Wyeth program helps kids learn about science and germs

By Colin Steele , Staff writer

ANDOVER - "Who likes sweets?" Judy Harrington asks.

Fifth-grader Benzi Edelson's eyes widen, and his hand shoots up in the air.

Harrington, a scientist at Wyeth, picks Benzi and invites him to the front of the class. She pours him three small cups of orange Kool-Aid, all with different concentrations of the sugary powder. He downs them all, and when the scientist asks which he liked the best, he points to the most brightly colored, sweetest concoction.
"That one," Benzi says. Everybody laughs.

The purpose of the demonstration was to teach Edelson and 40 other fifth-graders about dilution - a process that, in addition to making Kool-Aid strong or weak, can also help kill bacteria. It was part of "Bacteria Around Us," a long-running partnership between the Wyeth pharmaceutical company and the Andover and Lawrence schools.

Prescription Kool-Aid?

and more Kool-Aid fun...

Star Beacon

Students make lip balm, soap at arts center


ASHTABULA - - It was an ultimate day out for 11 children who had the day off from school and visited the Ashtabula Arts Center.

Ultimate Kid Concoctions was the theme for the day-long event that featured a variety of activities. The day's theme was based on a series of children's books titled Ultimate Book of Kids Concoctions, said Meeghan Humphrey, visual arts coordinator for the Ashtabula Arts Center.

The idea was to make things out items found around the house, she said. Humphrey decided the theme for the day back in November.


The lip balm was made from a mixture of Kool-Aid and Crisco. The mixture was then heated and mixed more by the children. Once it cooled, the children had a fruity tasting lip balm.


The Moody Minstrel said...

I refuse to believe Ashtabula is a real name.

ladybug said...

I need to get me some a that Kool-Aid lip balm!

Sounds like alot of fun-I remember when I took a chemistry class in college (for the "non-majors", i.e. the dumb liberal arts folks), and we got to make scented moisturizers for a lab.

We also made our own nylon (my lab partner and I got the longest thread) and couple of other fun things I can remember.

I had Dr Deck, an 80+ year old Professor Emeritus who I really liked; "Chemistry is life!"

Dean Wormer said...

Kool Aid and Crisco? Forget lip-balm, I bet it tastes great on toast.

Seymour said...

"A balm? What are ya doing going around giving a balm to a baby?"