Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Xian Mythos... or Hysteria

Or, why the fundies seems to have apoplectic fits every time they hear the words "Harry Potter"'s an excellent article on why and how Xian fundies operate. Kind of like the Nazis re-inventing the glorious "aryan history" of Germany before the nasty Jews/Trade Unionists/Socialists came along, fundies have organized a massive PR campaign to "educate" the faithful. Too bad Adolf only had Leni Riefenstahl and not the endless tax-exempt bankrolls fundies now enjoy.

Personally, I find John Steinbecks's analysis of some big-haired southern white womens' verbal harassment of children (both black and white) attending intregrated schools in 1960 in his book "Travels with Charley" a more telling description of bigots, (racial, religious or otherwise). - it's wonderfully ironic that they were dubbed "The Cheerleaders":

"These blowzy women with their little hats and their clippings hungered for attention. They wanted to be admired. They simpered in happy, almost innocent triupmh when they were applauded. Theirs was the demented cruelty of egocentric children, and somehow this made their insensate beastliness much more heartbreaking. They were not mothers, they were not even women. They were crazy actors playing to a crazy audience." pg.195

He referes several times to this scenario as a "show", and I'm certainly inclined to agree with him, from the fundies' Hell Houses to the mega-revivals in stadiums, they are pieces of paticularly bad theater. It's no accident these "shows" are fundraisers for the churches/preachers involved in thes "productions".

Thank you, Stu Inman

Stu Inman, architect of Trail Blazers' title team, dies at 80
January 31, 2007

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Stu Inman, who helped build the Portland Trail Blazers' 1977 NBA championship team, died of an apparent heart attack. He was 80.

Inman collapsed in his Lake Oswego home Tuesday and was pronounced dead at the hospital, his son, David, said Wednesday.

It's the Trail Blazers only title since entering the league as an expansion team in 1970.

Inman drafted Bill Walton, Geoff Petrie, Larry Steele, Lloyd Neal, Lionel Hollins, Bobby Gross, Wally Walker and Johnny Davis. He helped sign Dave Twardzik after the American Basketball Association folded, and selected Maurice Lucas in the ABA dispersal draft.

Thank you for some wonderful memories, Mr. Inman. You were in a group of a very special people. The Blazers are an integral part of Portland and Stu Inman played a part in that.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Messing wid da page

Now that I've risked the wrath of the legal arm of corporate America, I thought it might be time to back off and change the whole page now that we have this funky new blogger version. I am sure this will keep changing because, shucks oh dear, it is fun to mess with it. If anything looks too horrible or unreadable, let me know.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Coupla Hints

For the S

For the LO

Thursday, January 25, 2007

He's the One with the Black Hair

Vulgarius sends everyone his best wishes from Afghanistan. The caption is as follows:

This is me on a medical contact mission at a Kabul area school just before Christmas. I was mostly a gopher handing out candy and herding the kids around into line. It was like herding cats. We were there with the Brits who pulled security while we did our thing. It was great working with the kids. A village elder was eager to provide hot tea on that bitterly cold day. He was very grateful for the visit. We struck up a long and good conversation and he even tried to convert me to Islam. I took it as a compliment just the same.

Stay safe and good work!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Let's Have a Little Fun

There is a new Snabulus logo up on the site. It looks like this...

Now,the fun part...can you find the places from which the Snabulus logo came? First poster gets the credit for each one.


S- Seymour (Waffle House)

NA- Moody Minstrel (McDonald's)

B- Seymour (Bellagio Hotel)

U- Pandabonium (Luxor Hotel)

LU- Seymour (Zulu, the movie)

S- Pandabonium (Chili's)

B- Pandabonium (IBM)

LO- Seymour & Pandabonium (Louis L'Amour)

G- Pandabonium (General Mills)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Kool-Aid Blogging

Wyeth program helps kids learn about science and germs

By Colin Steele , Staff writer

ANDOVER - "Who likes sweets?" Judy Harrington asks.

Fifth-grader Benzi Edelson's eyes widen, and his hand shoots up in the air.

Harrington, a scientist at Wyeth, picks Benzi and invites him to the front of the class. She pours him three small cups of orange Kool-Aid, all with different concentrations of the sugary powder. He downs them all, and when the scientist asks which he liked the best, he points to the most brightly colored, sweetest concoction.
"That one," Benzi says. Everybody laughs.

The purpose of the demonstration was to teach Edelson and 40 other fifth-graders about dilution - a process that, in addition to making Kool-Aid strong or weak, can also help kill bacteria. It was part of "Bacteria Around Us," a long-running partnership between the Wyeth pharmaceutical company and the Andover and Lawrence schools.

Prescription Kool-Aid?

and more Kool-Aid fun...

Star Beacon

Students make lip balm, soap at arts center


ASHTABULA - - It was an ultimate day out for 11 children who had the day off from school and visited the Ashtabula Arts Center.

Ultimate Kid Concoctions was the theme for the day-long event that featured a variety of activities. The day's theme was based on a series of children's books titled Ultimate Book of Kids Concoctions, said Meeghan Humphrey, visual arts coordinator for the Ashtabula Arts Center.

The idea was to make things out items found around the house, she said. Humphrey decided the theme for the day back in November.


The lip balm was made from a mixture of Kool-Aid and Crisco. The mixture was then heated and mixed more by the children. Once it cooled, the children had a fruity tasting lip balm.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

There is Unrest in the Forest

There is trouble with the Trees.

Watch out ye oaks and maples.

The firs can't handle the breeze.

Back in December, we were hit with a pretty big windstorm right after a period of heavy rain. Several trees went down right in our neighborhood and hundreds of thousands lost power up and down the coast. Especially hard hit was the Tualatin Hills Nature Park where I like to spend my lunch time burning a few calories. The pictures above are just a small sample of the blowdown that still has over half the trails closed there.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures of the root system of the Douglas Firs came out blurry. The pictures above barely show that these towering trees, which can reach heights of well over 200 feet (~60m), have a very shallow root system. Supersaturated soil coupled with 60 mph (100 kph) winds became a nemesis for lone fir trees in our area in December of 2006.

The saddest losses were some very old Western Red Cedars. The shavings from the chain saw smelled like Chief Lelooska's lodge (definitely an interesting childhood memory). Nonetheless, this is the nature of, well, Nature.

For those who recognized the poetic reference above, here is the video from Canadian rock group Rush

There were other beauties in the nature park on this day of melting snow. Here are some licorice ferns growing on the side of a tilting but alive oak tree.

A raccoon must live with snow. Here are some tracks.

Here is a frozen pond mirroring the leaden skies.

There is no rest for our state flower, the Oregon Grape. This evergreen perennial shows up starkly against the snow.

with one last nod to the Rush's lyrics.

...and the trees were all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Falling on Cedars

Yup. That's a cedar...

We finally had a decent snowfall this winter. In typical form, the weather folks were caught flat-footed after a number of false alarms. My daughter's school was open for business, but few showed up besides her. They dismissed everyone and then we got a robocall reporting her absence tonight. Dumb.

Nonetheless, it is obvious that our rare snow storm was fun for the kids...

The closeup of this image shows Rankin-Bass type snowflakes as the big flakes fell...

Time stands still as a snowball reaches its zenith...

Once a cedar is killed, it can be made into a fence post that lasts for years, as these obviously have given their precarious angles...

An abandoned bird feeder collects snow

and under the pine boughs, a skiff of snow must skip and bounce like pachinko balls towards a stable resting place.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Kool-Aid Blogging

From ABC news...

The World Takes a Sip of Apple's Kool-Aid

Steve Jobs Appears Almost a Cult Leader During Unveiling of 'Revolutionary' iPhone


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 9, 2007 — From the moment Apple CEO Steve Jobs walked onstage to deliver the keynote address at this year's Macworld expo in San Francisco, a knowing grin hinted that he was hiding a really great secret.

About 20 minutes into the speech, Jobs paused to take a sip of water and slowly made his way back to the front of the stage. Audience members, already nervously shifting in their seats, anticipated what they knew would come next.

Great Journalism. Three paragraphs later we learn Guru Jobs is talking about a new cell phone. What ever happened to the 5Ws and an H (who, what, where, when, why, and how) in the first paragraph? At least, that is what Moody's dad taught me. Nonetheless, this is another example of Kool-Aid riding the zeitgeist of corporate synergized pseudo-buzz.


Well, some more holidays are coming up, several of which I'm greatly fond of...

1st up is Ground Hog Day, February 2nd, which I like to celebrate by watching the movie..wait for it...GROUND HOG DAY! (and/or Caddyshack, with Stripes for dessert)...kind of like a Bill Murray WTF Day marathon.

I honestly don't know if a gopher counts as a "groundhog", since they seem to be the only varmints around here that fit the bill, I guess I'll count them in. Hope they don't assault your yard...they eat up/tear up the darndest things....hate'em.

The second item in this trilogy of festivity is Valentine's Day. I like it especially as it is an "unofficial" anniversary for Snabby & I, so we always arrange to get away for a weekend in February; usually somewhere near the beach. This mostly involves a hotel and alot of sleeping, yes actual sleeping. That seems to be what we do on vacation. Alot. Have we turned into old folks?....dunno. Also, Valentine's is just plain fun. And I love chocolate. So there.

Last, but certainly NOT least is Mardi Gras! I mean, you really start needing an excuse for some drunken crazy revelry around this time of year; winter is getting old by this time, you do it someplace other than your own home, (usually), so you don't have to clean up after yourself or anybody else, AND you get to redeem your oh-so recently-sinful self by going to church to get ashes on your forehead-if you so desire. How can you beat that?!

*Please note-Mardi Gras Link takes you to arguably the world's best Mardi Gras Party -Gay Sydney at it's best! Yea, I know, it's summer down under there (tee hee!), but still.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Plus ça change, viva la compagnie

Fist of all, I would like to welcome frequent commenter Swinebread to the site. He has a new blog to check out called Atomic Romance.

I also found another new blog through Swinebread called Lies I am Telling. The links are below:

In addition, I cleaned up the links section. I added the links above and removed a bunch of commercial and political sites that had waning influence on our Snabulytic discourse. You might also notice a new logo up top. I am going to make more of these and start rotating them out for my own amusement. Hopefully you will also be amused.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Kool-Aid Blogging

The question is whether this...

...will ever become this...

More Kool-Aid needed

By JEFF BARNARD Associated Press

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Dreams of getting author Ken Kesey's original psychedelic bus, Furthur, back on the road again have hit a pothole.

A Kesey friend says restoring the bus would infuse '60s reality into the 21st century.

The Kesey family is looking for a new sponsor to finance restoration work and a TV documentary after breaking things off with Hollywood restaurant owner David Houston, who had hoped to raise $100,000 to restore the bus made famous in Tom Wolfe's 1968 book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

This falls into the category of "Things to do if I win the Lottery." The psychedelic pic at the top of the post can be found with other tintinnabulatious color explosions at Key-Z Productions.

Update: Wow! This may be the real deal! (found it at the Key-Z site)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Laugh? Cry? I don't know.

A Cthulhu movie should be cool. Even better is that part of it is filmed in Astoria, Oregon. However, the blog (this post over at's table of malcontents) that shot me the 411 on this made me lose some sanity points. Check out the headline...

Tori Spelling's Cthulhu Casts Homosexuals As Fish Monsters

I mean, you just can't put all of those disparate things in one headline, can you? Well, can you?

Here is the barren website for the film, Cthulhu the Movie.

And it appears the trailer is here at IMDB.

If someone can morph the image of Tori Spelling and Cthulhu in Photoshop (or other favorite pic editor), I will post it here.