Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Kool-Aid Blogging

Although it seems that this is a Kool-Aid only blog, I have wanted to put more stuff in here. It is tough when the work days run to 12+ hours though. It isn't as if nothing is happening.

A strong storm ripped through the area last night leaving 375,000 people without power and we might have lost a tree in the back yard. The neighbors definitely lost sizable trees. There was plenty of street flooding as well.

Also, the Portland Revels put on a great Christmas Revels show last weekend. It is a family tradition that we look forward to every year and this year's theme of the holiday season in 12th century France didn't disappoint. Good Yule!

Nonetheless, it is Friday and time for some Kool-Aid blogging.

If you are in Hastings, Nebraska in the summer time, you can join the town in celebrating the birth of the Kool-Aid product at their annual Kool-Aid Days celebration. It is no surprise that they run the world's largest Kool-Aid stand.


DewKid said...

Shouldn't that say "Get wet and sticky with Kool-Aid"? I've cleaned my share of Kool-Aid spills to know what I'm talking about!

Corn Cob Bob said...

Eeewww, Dewkid. Leave it to you to think of THAT!

What really pops my corn, is that I wasn't invited to Kool-Aid days. Why, I practically bleed Kool-Aid, as much as I drink!

Ndau? said...


Don Snabulus said...

Maybe that is because the original Kool-Aid uses cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.

ladybug said...

I especially enjoyed the Monty Pythonesque "Fechez la Vache!" routine at the end.

-BTW, "Your grandfather smells of elderberrries!"

Tee Hee!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Go away, or I will taunt you a second time!

The fact that Kool-Aid uses cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup is definitely a good reason to drink it. High-fructose corn sweetner has been named by nutritionists as a leading cause of the widespread obesity in America, since the body doesn't regulate fructose as well as it does glucose. That's why even American soft drinks sold here in Japan are sweetened with glucose instead (and therefore aren't quite as sweet as they are in the States).

Corn syrup is the blood of Satan!!!!!

Kool-Aid Days is an annual event? Wow. I wonder how much money is spent in Hastings every year repairing all those big, pitcher-shaped holes in people's walls.

Pandabonium said...

Blow me down. Luckily, Snabbie had read my post on power outages and was well prepared - the larder was stocked with plenty of Kool-Aid.