Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer Fun Stuff

Now it's time for the fave list of Summer-Time "thangs" to do in and around the PDX area;

Of course the first and foremost is the Rose Festival. We started a new family tradition last night-we watched the Starlight Parade on TV (Channel 8) and stayed out of the rain! It was hilarious because the sound/visual feed was out of sync on the ground, so it gave us the effect of watching a dubbed asian movie....

Something close to home, with large size fun but a more intimate feel is Salem's World Beat Festival, June 24th and 25th at Riverfront Park. If you get there early, you might be able to beat the "donation" at the entrance....but otherwise it's only $3 bucks, so won't break the bank for a family. Don't forget to visit the Carousel!

We're skipping the Astoria Scanfest this year, since we've got a Bar Mitzvah, Bean's 8th grade Graduation, and Father's Day to fill up that same weekend! They have alot of Scandinavian foods and crafts for sale and you may want to take a peek at the Astor Column or visit the Maritime Museum.

Of course Summer wouldn't be SUMMER without the Oregon Country Fair! This will be our 8th year now, it's become a family tradition!

If you want to get away from it all, and don't mind roughing it, try a hike on the PCT. We'll be taking a several weeks this summer to do hikes as a family, couple, and solo. See you on the trail!


Righteous said...

The first time I see a blog with so many members.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Ah, the Starlight Parade! I've marched in that more than a few times. I've also gotten rained on while doing so a time or two (or more...).

It's funny how June is the Rose Festival in Portland and the Ayame (iris) Festival over here in the city of Itako. Both festivals are based on a type of flower, occupy most if not all of the month, involve a whole bunch of different events, take place in a city located on a major river, and tend to get rained on.

Face it: sogginess is universal.

DewKid said...

Say Moody, isn't that where you and I initially met? It certainly was some marching band somewhere... I recall standing in line, holding my clarinet, and freezing to death. An ice cream truck drove by, and both you and I laughed, and immediately made jokes about it.

It's strange, but I met most of my friends separately, and later discovered that they were interconnected already. Moody in the marching band, Don at summer camp (mmm peanut loogies), Seymour in concert band, Greg O in Spanish class. Now, we are all off in our separate worlds, and interconnected through blogs and e-mail. Weird.

I can still hear Alan Riddle tapping out the beat on the marching drums:

Dubba-dum dubba-dum dubba-dum dubba-dum, doop dap doop dap dubba-dubba-dum. (repeat ad naseum)


ladybug said...

When Bean was small, we used to do the big Parade - my Dad works at the main downtown Post Office right by the train station, so he'd get off work about 6 am, and save us a spot right in front of the Chinese Gate, where the parade turns to go up Broadway, (Nobody hangs out down there overnight, as it's bum/porn district). Best to get under a tree-that way if it's sunny you've got shade and if it rains, you've got cover.

Any hoo, I'd bring a blanket w/Bean by 7 or 8 am, some food and plenty of chalk for her & whatever kids to paint the side walk w/..... It was really fun, that Elvis guy was hanging around all the time (I think this was the X-Ray cafe time, it's gone now I believe). We'd hang out w/all the new insta-friends of this temporary community while getting bombarded w/all the political petitions of the day.

Once it was over then we'd pick up the blanket and head to a Chinese Restaurant for 2 hours for a long luch while the traffic cleared out.

Great way to beat the crowds comin' & goin'!

Seymour said...

I thought we met in a Swedish Amputee Clinic. Must have been another Robin.

qukgeims-The biological process by which ducks have literally taken over the world. Literally.

The Moody Minstrel said...

You're right, DewKid. I remember that very well, and it was the Starlight Parade. It was bloody freezing since we were in our summer band gear (i.e. T-shirts and shorts). The ice cream truck was definitely not doing very good business that day.



Some British General said...

Anyway, get on with it!