Monday, May 29, 2006

The DaVinci Code

Well, we did it. We went to see the movie and WE LOVED IT! Yes, I've read the book, (and in some ways it's better), but the movie was excellent. If you check out the titlebar link, it takes you to the Wickipedia site; at the end is a comparision of the differences between the book and the movie. If you haven't read the book, then so much the better, it's even more exciting!

I have to say one thing that really impressed me, was how history was presented; specifically how historians, (and sometimes writers) perceive space and time. Probably because I often think of historical events the same way.....for example, one scene takes place in front of a famous English Cathedral in London, and the modern scene fades away as the Robert Langdon & Sophie Neveu picture a nearly 350 year old funeral procession into the church.

My father used to stop at nearly every historical marker on roads we traveled, most of the time he already knew more than the cursory explanations provided. I often visualized the people, dress, smells and sounds of the events written on these markers. To say nothing of anyone who's ever read LOTR....we've all seen Frodo, and he didn't always look like Elijah Wood.

I nearly went catatonic at the incessant car crash movie previews (there seems to be about 3 coming out this summer, including an animated one). So glad to see something different, a little intellectual, and just plain fun (not alot of sex, but yes some violence).


The Moody Minstrel said...

The critics have been panning this movie like crazy, which is a good indication that it's well worth seeing.

Somebody needs to criticise the critics...i.e. "You guys suck!"

saba said...

This is the first time i hear some one impressed with the movie...every one tells me not to waste my time or money on going to watch it ..i think i ll go this weekend.

ladybug said...

It's not a perfect movie, (there are a couple of flaws,-most of which I consider minor), but it was alot more fun than the usual car crash/sappy love story/inane animated movie by Pixar stuff that's been hanging around the theaters lately.

Seymour said...

Hey, don't be dissin Pixar. They've only produced 4 of the best animated movies of all time. If you want to pick on a movie, there's plenty of fodder out there (hint: XMen 3) but leave real quality out of it!

Don Snabulus said...

Pixar has taken the wisecracking CGI animal idea to its logical extreme. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have to many new ideas. They should take their art where cartoons can't go if they want to accomplish something because I frankly think Studio Ghibli and most cartoonists have their butts kicked still.

vubfabbl - A new snack treat: fur-covered popcorn.

Seymour said...

As far as I know, Pixar has only had one wise-cracking animal movie, "Finding Nemo", so I don't think they've overwhelmed the market. You might be thinking of Dreamworks or Sony with their blather.

As an artform, Computer animation can be just as effective as Cell. Its really all about the plot, the writing and the direction, just like any other movie.

I think Pixar has kept each of their new offerings fresh. I'd rank "The Incredibles" against anything coming out of Japan's studios today.

We'll have to see if "Cars" will hold up as well.

xvoztcww-future Empress of the Human-Shoggath Alliance

Don Snabulus said...

You're probably right. I group the CGI stuff in my mind as "stuff that bores me" and Pixar probably gets lumped with some other dudes. Probably unfair, but such is life.

I couldn't get into The Incredibles either (although I actually liked Finding Nemo). I saw the preview for Cars and it appears to borrow heavily from Chevron commercials and Herbie the Love Bug, so I don't hold out much hope there.

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Seymour said...

Besides, isn't this thread supposed to be about how Opus Dei has infiltrated media critics and what the hidden meaning of Tom Hank's haircut is?

bcrbv-The sound a dog makes after a root canal

DewKid said...

I saw Tom Hank's haircut interviewed on "The Soup". It was great.

Mmmmmmm, hamwinkies.

DewKid said...

I'm getting a little tired of the computer animated movies too, but Pixar has never led me astray! "The Incredibles" is one of my favorite movies. Not sure about "Cars", but I'm sure it will be worth the price of a ticket or five...

(I liked Tom Hanks haircut the best in the first Toy Story.)

Seymour said...

Yeah, I've got a Woody for ya! RIIIIGHT HEEEEEEEREEE!

Oh No! I'm channeling Mike McPhee!!

kypwcx-a non-radioactive mineral salt of kryptonite.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Is McPhee still around? Maybe somebody needs to get him on these blogs (if he isn't already) to spice things up a bit.

Hmm...the woman who was number two on American Idol this time (the ONLY time I've ever seen the thing) had the last name McPhee. Mike was always quick to point out that it's a very rare last name, so I wonder if they're related.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I read the book and it was a pageturner but not literary! It was lent to me by a nice Catholic girl in fact!
Okay, the Methodists and the Catholics are marching in Suva (Fiji) tomorrow past the Cinema where it is being shown (has been for the last three weeks) in a huge protest, though I doubt if many of them have even read the book. I don't agree with its premis, but for heaven's sake, it is fiction, and just speculation, what if, kind of story.
There are lots more offensive topics I reckon.

Pandabonium said...

I want to see it for the wicked albino.

Seymour said...

Wicked Albino; that'd be a good name for a band.

Yes Mike is still around. He's got dial-up, though so I'm not sure he'd enjoy the load times on even the most Spartan sites.

Anonymous said...

Eltigre growls it out ... Pixar yess....!! Im always in impressed beats the hell out of reality shows anyday ..guess thats why stopped watching prime time for the most part.. the networks and movie industry are pretty much doing the walmart approach - crap for your money....
far as catholics go...I simply dont care.. Im one of the hellbound ones anyway..since Im one of the "fallen" kind. I was destined to be that way from the start... *thppphtt* most religious types have a limited way of thinking, despite that the priory of Scion is *fake* a cooked up menagerie of the ones that think along the same lines ..*sheesh* and some blame muslims for being intolerant.

Wicked Albino - sounds like a good mascot for a band ...just like Eddie for iron maiden.

McPhee is still as large as he ever was.... and just as vocal *harr*

ahhrrrkk - sound of eating furrred popcorn.

splorpp -sound of a waffle hitting the first surface of clean shirt...both components in the perpetual motion machine.

DewKid said...

Large and vocal, eh Eltigre? Is there something you are not telling us? ;-P