Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spwingter Part Deux and more

The bad news is that the (pathetic) Blazers are mathematically eliminated from the possibility of a winning season. The good news is that the New Orleans Hornets finally got to play in their home town and the game was sold out. It was a small break that many people there truly deserved. Also, for those fed up with the off-court drama that is NBA basketball, the IBL's Portland Chinooks and Vancouver Volcanoes are playing in the Rose Garden this Sunday. Check 'em out. On to the pix!

These daffodils stare at the snow below them wondering how this could happen in March in Oregon.

For these daffodils, Jack Frost was worse than a pounding headache.

Blossoms of white snowflakes surround the pink froth of these cherry blossoms (or possibly plum).

The ground is white again tonight, so we could actually see a couple inches by the morning (5 cm). Indeed, another day off of school would not receive many complaints from kids around here. The MiniSnab's school is at a higher elevation than our house (about 700 feet higher), so they will probably have several inches on the ground by morning. Spring melds with winter becoming spwingter.


Pandabonium said...

Brrr. Not so cold in Kashima City, Japan, but not so warm either. The long cold winter has made our ume trees (called plum but are really apricot) bloom about a month late. Cherry trees which usually blosom at the end of March are expected to be late as well.

I keep telling myself that spring is hear, but hard evidence is hard in coming. Looks like you're in the same situation.

Anonymous said...

I saw some snow yesterday, but it did not last.

Seymour said...

Hey, just cause its March doesn't mean its Spring. We still have 12 days of Winter ahead. Anything could happen, even, *shudder*, the Zombie Apocolypse!!!

doaewlfr-Welsh for D'oh.