Sunday, January 29, 2006

Uncle Cliffy Keeps on Playing

Remember when the Blazers were good and the players were universally loved back around 90, 91, and 92? Most of those guys are now in NBA front offices or coaches. However, Cliff Robinson, at 39, is still playing and still scoring. Brian Meehan at The Oregonian wrote a piece called "Robinson is forever young in the NBA".

When Clifford Ralph Robinson began his NBA career, Antoine Wright, a teammate on the New Jersey Nets, was just 5 years old. Nets coach Lawrence Frank, now 35, was entering his freshman year at Indiana.

Seventeen seasons later, Robinson holds the NBA's ranking seniority. If he were a Congressman, he'd be chairing Ways and Means.

At 39, Robinson is long removed from 1989, when the Blazers drafted the Connecticut forward in the second round. But Robinson still is going strong, averaging 23 minutes for the Atlantic Division-leading Nets.


Friday night marked Robinson's 1,289th game, which ranks 11th in NBA history. If he appears in all 42 of the Nets' remaining games, Robinson would rank seventh all-time, passing Elvin Hayes, Buck Williams and Moses Malone.

My money is he will play in them all -- in 17 seasons this guy has missed just 24 games because of injury. And his 19,072 points are more than the total of any other active player except Shaquille O'Neal and Gary Payton.

Thanks Clifford Robinson for 17 years of great basketball.


ladybug said...

I actually attended a game with a friend during this time period - not something I normally do since I'm not really a sports fan,(a vast understatment for you who know me!). All I remember is that some jerkwad behind us kept screaming at the most inopportune moments "GO SONICS!" - (so I guess that means we were playing Seattle?).

Anyway sometime right before or after halftime I got so fed up w/this moron, the next time he yelled out his inanity: I said slowly, LOUDLY and deliberately, "F**K THE SONICS!".

My friend was surprised, but laughed, several people around us also clapped me on the back, and thanked me for speaking up.

Suffice to say, said jerkwad didn't utter another sound the rest of the game.

Seymour said...

Stabbing him in the face would have been much "classier".

Now that Portland has a professional Lacross Team it should be acceptable to beat unruly spectators about the head and neck, repeatedly.

Just my 2cents!

ladybug said...

Thanks, seymour - I'll remember to pack a Bowie the next time I attend a professional sporting event, I mean, just for the exitement at security...

Lacrosse-now that might be something interesting...

iuagigrs-an obscure rule from that weird latin game that I can't remember the name of that looks like a cross between lacrosse and tennis.

ladybug said...

OK, I finally found the dang name -
It's Jai Alai - found only in Tijuana apparently, (Yes, I've been there, but I was a kid)....