Monday, December 05, 2005

The Narnia Effect

It seems that both wings of the foolish bird known as American Politics are getting sucked into an obtuse debate on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie coming out on Friday. One side is generating paranoia about how their convenient strawman is trying to stifle the Word of God by shunning the film. The other half is taking the bait and trying to patiently explain to foolish masses how this movie is no different than the Passion of the Christ and bad for "progressive politics."

Over here in reality, we have people that enjoyed the story of Narnia and hope the movie does for Narnia what Peter Jackson did for Lord of the Rings. I'm going to see it, enjoy it, and not worry about which powerful force is trying to trick the admittedly gullible (my past self is no exception!) American public one way or the other. If the movie is true to C.S. Lewis' storyline, then I will be very pleased (other than my secret hope that Lucy is less maudlin and whiny). The man, unlike so many pretenders today, stands on his own as a literary force.

Bring on the entertainment, Christian or not, I want to see it. Whether it is Mel Gibson or Michael Moore, bring the sh*t to the table and let us have a looksee.


Pandabonium said...

I'm with you, Snabby. Whatever the inspiration, and for C S Lewis it was his religion, The Chronicles of Narnia is great literature.

I can't help but wonder if Disney INC is involved in stiring this pot just to boost ticket sales. I read that Disney is trying to encourage churches in England to do Narnia based activities for their young people. Corporation only care about the bottom line, so it wouldn't surprise me if true. It also would not matter in my decision to watch the movie or not as it has nothing to do with whether the movie is good or not.

It really ticks me off when someone or some group tries to tell me how to judge something before I even see it, or worse, tells me not to see it.

Personally, Lewis is not my cup of tea. But for those who enjoyed the books and care to see the movie, let them watch it and judge the movie on its own merits.

What a waste of energy to cause a fuss of this. There are real issues in politics to deal with. Leave the arts alone.

owsoume - what my doctor said after a botched surgical proceedure.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I loved the Narnia series, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie!

Frankly, I'm (ironically) getting fed up with the way people are trying to turn just about anything and everything into an excuse for demagoguery.

Pailo said...

I agree, though I'm not sure about the snakes bit. There are apples, and then THERE ARE APPLES! Have you seen my brother?

Anonymous said...

The books had plenty of merit to stand on their own as good stories. And I don't necessarily agree with the notion that just because CS Lewis is a christian, that his views as being represented by this movie, or any other, are the correct views.

ladybug said...

I liked the books as a kid (liked, as in not loved), but when I re-read them as an adult, they fell apart and seemed way to preachy.

Also, they seem to have what I call "Dune" syndrome, every book after the 1st one seems to get worse and worse.

Move looks interesting, hope they do a good job!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I feel the same way about all this pro/con Narnia rhetoric that I do about this recent "holiday tree" bowlshyte. Christian or not, the Narnia series, like the Christmas festival, are something that has been well established and appreciated by many for a long time (and Christmas has been around for a lot longer than Narnia, to be sure!).

Going all ape-poodie and making a big public stink about it just because you happen to have different religious views seems to me to be extremely childish and self-centered. I mean, do we start insisting that supermarkets stop carrying kosher products because they're Jewish? Do we prevent children from delivering May baskets to neighbors or old folks' homes because it's pagan?

If you like the tradition, great. Let's enjoy it together. If you don't, stop whining, go do your own thing, and don't rain on our f***ing parade!

Pandabonium said...

Hey! I draw the line at putting apes and poodles together, Moody.

funts - the candid camera family.

thehim said...

I was never familiar with these stories as a kid, so I'm looking forward to seeing it too. But now I'm probably going to think too hard about what the deeper meaning is when I watch it. I'd rather it just be a freaking movie.

Don Snabulus said...

Let me put it this way. As a kid, I read all 7 books and didn't consciously connect them to Jesus even once. At the time, I was attending Presbyterian church every Sunday, so it wasn't like I'd never heard of the guy.

I have my alarm clock set to the local Christian music station because they seem to play the best mix of Christmas tunes and I hear lots of ads for Narnia stuff at Christian Supply Store.

Even through all of this, my feeling is that Narnia is a cool fantasy story and that people should just let go and have some fun with it.

Unless you think that Jesus crapped in a litter box, you are going to find significant differences between Narnia and the Bible.

The Moody Minstrel said...

The only one of the Narnia books that bugged me was the very last one, entitled The Last Battle, because of the way it ended. It was essentially Revelations in a nutshell, and it was not only the most blatantly preachy of the entire series, but it was preachy in a very macabre (and also sexist, if you think about it), "Unless you sing with our choir, worms will eat your flesh" type of way. It was most definitely a sad ending to an otherwise very enjoyable series...and I mean "sad" in more ways than one.

Whatever. They're on the first part now, so let's enjoy it.

Baby Jane said...

I want the little Narnia doll that wets.

Gack!!!!!!!!! said...

Oh, shut up!

Anonymous said...

Eltigris: I saw the movie this sunday ... its actually pretty good considering. They could have done it alot worse. Teh fundamentalists I guess need something to get their underwear in a twist. I guess they cant do the self scourging ..the islamic fundamentalists do that....
I would say its good for the older kiddies to go see. There is alot of cats in this one too.

DewKid said...

(Warning: potential spoiler ahead, though a very small one!!)

I just saw it yesterday (I was in CHURCH on Sunday, you heathen!!!)

Seriously though, it was a good movie. It's a stretch to say it has anything to do with the bible, though. Yeah, I can see parallels (intentional or not), but its a far cry from the Passion of Christ!! Since I worship the great and powerful spaghetti monster, I suppose it went over my head. :P

The special effects were great, and the evil Winter Witch was very cool. I asked my middle child (who is 5 now) what her favorite part was, and she said "... when the lion roared real loud. Oh, and when they shaved the lion. That was funny."

Um, yeah. ;)