Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reversing a Destructive Trend

The link to this article posted on Fark said very cynically: "Remember the fuss 20 years ago about how acid rain was going to destroy our forests and lakes and basically end civilization as we know it? Well, it didn't"

The article itself is far less obnoxious.

Some of the most sensitive lakes and streams in Britain, which were ravaged by acid rain, are now showing positive signs of recovery. Levels of acidity in the water have halved, and wildlife is starting to make a healthy comeback. All this is clearly thanks to an 84% decline in emissions of sulphur dioxide and a 37% decline in nitrous oxide since the 1970s.

Coal miners weren't too happy about Britain's switch to natural gas power from coal, but Mother Gaia is apparently showing her gratitude in no uncertain terms. If nothing else, we know our one and only planet will recover from abuse if we let it.

And our government still tries to deny acid rain even exists...


Don Snabulus said...

Too bad combustible fuel can be derived from coal...because that is where we will turn when the oil supplies get tight.

oyedevaw - Jesus' name in Yiddish.

Anonymous said...

We won't need coal, except to bake those who used up all the oil, so I wouldn't worry too much. Mankind has proved to be a most resiliant species, if not a virus.

Vulgarius said...

Some of us might make a better case for that than others... Stuff that in your pipe Agent Smith!

xehyoe - A reformed prostitute?

Pandabonium said...

I have no doubt that after mankind disappears, nature will get along just fine without us. We can adapt to minor changes, but we are not exempt from extinction.

The trick is not to find something else for burning, but rather how to live a sustainable life that does not destroy the planet we depend on for survival. That will mean taking a very different path than the one we're on.

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