Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Here's wishing you all a safe, warm, and palatable Thanksgiving! (No turkey and mashed potatoes for me over here in the Land of the Rising Sun, so here's a picture we can share and pretend. Some of those bird bits look a bit carbonized, though...)


thehim said...

Enjoy the holiday, everyone!

Viet said...

It was interesting Thanks Giving over here. Thyra ended up in the hospital with severe abdominal pain. That was ever so much fun spending time in a Emergency Room on Thanks Giving day. All this even before she ever eat anything.

The Moody Minstrel said... she okay?

Our "Thanksgiving" feast over here was sukiyaki. Oh, well. You go with what you've got, and you enjoy it.

Seymour said...

She finished the Turkey then buckled over in pain! Which is much better time-wise than the alternative.

As far as I know she's Okay. I went out to dinner with her and Viet on Saturday so it looks good.

I just wanted to tell everyone how cool the new "King Kong" DVD is (1933 ed)

There's always been speculation on the missing "spider pit" scene which takes place after Kong shakes everybody off the log bride. It was kind of up in the air until the early 70's when Forrest Akkerman of "Famous Monsters of Filmland" fame produced 2 still photos of the lost scene. That confirmed the scene was shot, but no film existed! What was a Kong fan to do?

Well Peter Jackson, who is supposedly the greatest Kong fanatic, as well as the richest and best placed totally redid the scene using the original 1932 style effects, recreating all the models and reshooting the scene as it happened in the original script! The result is well worth the price of the new King Kong DVD! Its five minutes I've been dreaming of since I first checked out "Movie Magic" in the Petersburg Va. Library in 1974. Its really cool how they go back and recreate the whole gamit of effects that Wills Obrien masterminded 70 years ago. Its an astounding tribute to an awesome film. Peter Jackson is offically going to Heaven now.

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