Monday, October 10, 2005

Yet Another Rare Animal Species Doomed by Short-Sightedness

There used to be several kinds of tree octopus scattered throughout the West Coast states. Now, thanks to progressive destruction of natural habitat, there is only one species left, the Pacific Northwest tree octopus, which is native to a small area along Hood Canal and Admiralty Inlet in the western Olympic Peninsula.

Now, unfortunately, as a result of logging, suburbification, environmental pollution, and the uncontrolled proliferation of predators that prey on them (particularly the bald eagle and sasquatch), the Pacific Northwest tree octopus is in serious danger of being wiped out.

It would be a crime and a shame to stand by and watch this unique and interesting creature wiped off the face of the Earth forever! We should all do what we can to help save the Pacific Northwest tree octopus before it's too late!

I support the PNTO!

(As for me, as a charity fundraiser, I'm thinking of selling my bridge in New York as well as all my Florida beachfront property. Any takers?)


DewKid said...

... but can you eat them?

(that's always my response to rare endangered species)

Do you suppose this is one of the Spaghetti Monster's creations?

Don Snabulus said...

We might need to enlist the help of the Octopus Tree to save the Tree Octopus.

Pandabonium said...

Indangered in the Northwest, but a plague in Italy - the growing population of the Italian tree octopus is causing concern among spaghetti farmers in the area.

Each year, just before harvest time, the animals take to the spaghetti orchards, wreaking havoc on the longest strands of the pasta which hang within the reach of their tentacles.

Perhaps the solution there lies in a line of new dishes - tako pasta in ink sauce.

Another possible way to balance the situation would be to airlift Italian tree octopi to Washington and Oregon.

cfezyq - how a muscular Frenchman refers to his body.

Anonymous said...

Due to large storm surges, many marine species are finding themselves in the need of a new occupation while making their way seaward.

Anonymous said...

Eltigris burrps: Is it all related to the Love Canal Tree octopus and walking fungi? I know the concern for the environment and the need for cheap expensive developments was the chief aim of the masterminds of financial success who no doubt foresaw the raising of new species... give a hoot .. do pollute ... "Greed Hoodsey Owl"

Pandabonium said...

Straighten me out here, anyone. Is the tree octopus doomed by its own short-sightedness, or man's?

Or maybe the trees'?

word verification: esuez

How an Italian refers to a French- built canal in Egypt.

PusBoy said...

When I saw your headline, I thought you meant humans were doomed.

Anonymous said...

Of course the human species is doomed. Of course it will also be fully covered by al the news channel out there with bright graphics and simulated fire and brimstone raining down from the heaven. Like a song by Roger Waters, we will amused ourself to extinction.