Monday, October 31, 2005

More Chainblog evil

Now that I have a little time to blog, I don't really feel like it. Luckily, the Moody Minstrel has challenged me to create more tomfoolery so as to offer a window into my soul (right next to the empty beer cans and cigarette butts) here goes:

7 things I plan to do before I die
1. Keep breathing
2. Go to more other continents (maybe yours!)
3. Live in the boonies
4. Remarry my wife
5. Build an energy efficient home (with help!)
6. Learn to love Big Brother (he's watching you)
7. Vote for a Republican

7 things I can do
1. Urinate
2. Program computers
3. I think I remember how to play the piano
4. Write a blog
5. Think (so that's what smells like burning tires!)
6. Pet my cat
7. Accentuate the obvious

7 things I cannot do
1. Teach an old dog new tricks
2. Keep Moody and Pa've from heated debates
3. Condone torture
4. Rock Climb
5. Change the past
6. Snort quarters
7. Watch Survivor

7 things that attract me to another person
1. Being my wife
2. Magnets (provided I am wearing chain mail)
3. Honesty
4. Following the Scout Oath and Law
5. Free beer
6. Compassion
7. Blackened Catfish

7 things that I say the most
1. So that's what smells like burning tires!
2. Everything is the MiniSnab's fault
3. Shiznify! (As if weaving a Harry Potter spell)
4. Oye! Chuk da patte. (Need Yahoo! IM to understand)
5. Crapholio
6. Good night, little bean.
7. Ha Ha! (Like the kid on the Simpsons)

7 people I want to do this
1. Ex-President George H.W. Bush
2. Catfish Johnny Redbeard
3. Gordie Howe
4. Babs (Streisand and Bush)
5. The Moody Minstrel (8 thru 14 is the real b*tch).
6. The Onion
7. Cthulhu

Oh, and I almost forgot, Happy Guy Fawkes day! What the Sam Hain do you think celebratin' it five days early? Beats me.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Sorry, old buddy...once is enough (though I probably shouldn't have been so serious the first time...but the people that got me doing it in the first place were).

Do my heated debates with Pa've really bug you that much?

nbokaahc - An obscure village in the depths of Tanzania which is where Elvis Presley and Osama Bin Laden are rumored to be hiding out.

Don Snabulus said...

Do my heated debates with Pa've really bug you that much?

They used to, but now I see it is a time-tested and honored tradition. I guess my point was that I couldn't stop them if I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

If Moody and I didn't have heated debates I would seriously wonder if one of us was ill. We are firey in nature! The problem sometimes is knowing when to shut up!

gesisvp - an arthritus medication

ladybug said...

Sam Hill would have been proud of your post - especially since the legacy of MaryHill museum is with us still.

sskdheb-a Norwegian food/sex specialty.

Don't ask

Pandabonium said...

Guy Fawkes day! That reminds me of a favorite cartoon by Chas Addams, creator of "The Addams Family" which was made into a TV series and movies. Yes I am that old, and the rest of you will just have to look it up!

Anyway, the cartoon shows a middle aged man standing in his basement. There are boxes and bundles of Dynamite all around and a scale model of the US Capitol building with tunnels under it. He is reading a piece of mail and the caption reads,

"Dear Fellow Alumnus: Your face was amoung the missing at our annual reunion last June. Won't you help us to keep 'tabs' on the members of the class of 19** by telling us what your are doing now?....."

Cracks me up every time, though now days would probably earn the cartoonist a trip to Gitmo.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

hoijdtg - a spicy hotdog sold in Dutch vending machines.

Don Snabulus said...

I was old enough to shave my head and beard to be Uncle Fester this year.

I thought that was lutefisk (doh!).

haqhgx - What a Scotsman does after dinner.

Seymour said...

I wonder if in 400 years people will be celebrating Timmothy McVey Day?

It's a crazy world!

mhpkec-the scientific name for sleep drool.

Gack!!!!!!!!! said...

The world wouldn't be half so crazy if everyone thought and acted sensibly. We could start by banishing everyone who isn't a Christian Republican to labor camps. Then we could move on to people with long hair...

Seymour said...

Do Mullets count as long hair? If so, I say start with them first!

pmbar-a large metal rod used for fixing giant clocks.

Dubya said...

Dear Gack!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the team. Glad to know you are with the program!

God bless America.

Stay the course. Terrissts terissts. Wartime president.


Gack!!!!! said...

No, I'm not part of your team! At least not anymore, you traitor! How dare you try to nominate a supreme court justice that doesn't fit The Agenda! It's gotta be anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-flag-burning, anti-marijuana, anti-liberal, anti-sex, anti-women, anti-foreigner, anti-union, anti-welfare, anti-environmental-wacko, anti-non-conservative-demonstration, anti-non-conservative-free-speech, anti-any-political-system-but-ours, anti-any-religion-but-ours, anti..

Wait a I describing teh neo-conservatives or the Taliban? I kinda lost track..

thehim said...

5. Build an energy efficient home (with help!)

That would be sweet. I'd like to do that one day too...