Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fort Bean Update

Well, I ran out of gumption and the rains were coming.

It was time to waterproof Fort Bean and save the siding until spring. My Cheeto-stained mouse-softened wrists (well, Ry-Krisp and hummus-stained is more like it) were rattled after sawing about 50 or 75 cuts and pounding a few hundred nails. So I tacked up my entire unused tarp collection and bought that shiny black one you saw to keep the thing going until spring.

Radio Flyers make decent coffee tables when you get right down to it. The ribbons were actually leftovers from the 2004 and 2005 Independence Day parades in our neighborhood.

Clear plastic makes for ahm-bee-ahnce in lighting. The roof has both tar paper and plastic, so hopefully that will be enough. My neighbor gave me enough of his excess asphalt shingles to do the whole roof. Good deal and much appreciated.


Seymour said...

What gauge bars are you looking at for containment issues?

Anything too small and she'll gnaw right through it.

Just trying to help!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I've heard steel wool is good for preventing things like that.

Seymour said...

You realize that steel wool can be ignited with a nine-volt battery. Not good for isolating an intelligent 13 year old. But good for emergency fire starting!

I once had a well motivated rabit gnaw through heavy chicken wire, thus freeing the 10 foot Python enclosed within. Such synchronistic events can never be modeled by standard Silicon thought devices.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Ssh! You weren't supposed to mention the fire starting thing! Now you've ruined my plans!

Drat! Double drat!

Hmm...if I were in a cage with a giant snake, I'd probably gnaw my way through solid alloy, too...or at least make a solid effort.

"Wauka?" Is that a legal word verification?

ladybug said...

Now we're going to have a pizza party fort-warming for Bean & her friends...

I hope we survive....