Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'll Have a $3 cup of ice...thank you.

Well, enough of the economic system crud. Let's move on to something more pet peeves.

I just got back from picking up the Mini-Snab from school. We stopped at Starbucks on the way home to break windows and write anti-globalization graffiti on the windows to pick up a couple of beverages. Mini-Snab ordered a double-something-iced-something-ccino and I ordered an iced-something-something-tea-latte.

My nearly $3 beverage was opaque for a very short time until I drained it and found out it was 2/3 ice. I could understand it if it were free refills at Denny's (or Waffle House for you southerners out there), but it was a Starbuck's glass o' yuppie juice. In any case, a pox (just a small pox though) on Starbucks and their stupid glass of ice.

(Actually, the 'bucks usually does a good job. This was an aberration...but one for which they will suffer from the Mighty Keyboard of Truth. Ha! Take that, swine!)


Pa've said...

At first I was wondering how you made those characters strike out, then I had the brilliant idea of looking at the source code.

Its been a while since I've been stiffed on a beverage with too much ice. I hate it especially when I super size my order, and they do it.

Pandabonium said...

'Hard to curse your supplier when you're a caffiene junkie isn't it?

I'm one too, but lucky for me there are no Starbuck's or the Japanese equivilant "Doutor" around here to take my money . (If the Moody Minstrel happens to know of any, I do NOT want to know about them, thank you very much).

What I do have is a friend from Maui who is a flight attendant and brings us Kona coffee beans when she flies to Japan. Don't know how I will react if that pipeline is ever cut off, I just know it won't be pretty. Oh, we have coffee here, but it is pretty run of the (ahem) mill.

I can hear the reaction in the boardroom of 'bucks' as someone reads your blog post aloud: "Let him eat ice!"

The Moody Minstrel said...

Tully's rules!

Actually, Pandabonium, I know of at least three Starbucks and two Tully's within a half hour of Kashima, not to mention three or four Doutours. I also know of a shop in Sawara where you can get pretty good Kona blend coffee (but it's pre-ground).

I'm at the point now where drinking strong coffee makes me sleepier...

Pandabonium said...

Since I don't drive, I think I'm safe.

DewKid said...

The ice thing drives me nuts too. The worst offenders (in my book) are the amusement park vendors. The last time I went to Magic Mountain (last year sometime), I remember spending like 6 bucks to get the "large" refillable souvenier cup. I swear, the attendant tried her darnedest to jam as many ice cubes as possible into my coke. I think I got like a teaspoon of coke. One sip from the straw, and all I had to show for it was a bunch of ice cubes.

Stupid ice.

The Moody Minstrel said...


I went to Tully's in Narita today, ordered a grande size ice mocha, and the ice only occupied about a fifth of the cup.

I like Tully's!

I remember when I worked at Pietro's Pizza in my college days. The head manager actually told me to overfill the cup with ice and then shake it so that as much ice as possible settled in before trimming it off. Well, that head manager was rarely in the store, the junior manager didn't give a f***, and I felt too obligated to uphold the Golden Rule, so I never filled the glass more than halfway.

Surprisingly, I had several customers demand more ice. Morons.

rob said...

Consumer Whore


Catfish Johnny Redbeard said...

why were you in starbucks in the first place? go to Dunkin Donuts and get some coffee that has is good and doesn't taste like it's been cooking for 4 days

Don Snabulus said...

go to Dunkin Donuts

Cops make me nervous...well, that and all we have is a Krispy Kreme around here...well, that and I don't really drink caffeinated beverages often; I mainly go to these places to get my daughter chocolate-based treats.

Seymour said...

Is there even a Dunkin Donuts left in Portland, Don? The one on Powell is now a Quick Cash joint. I know there is a Winchell's up on 102nd.

Coffee always reminds me of the old Fedwar days. Checking out the legal drugs on a planet we were landing on. Minor Stimulants indeed! I can just imagine a group of Fasions, clustered around their Capacinos(sp), bitching about the amount of ice. Good Times!