Monday, May 09, 2005

Fanfare, Please!

I really hope no one finds a "From the April 1st Edition" buried on this one. If it's for real, it's probably one of the best medical breakthroughs of the decade. At any rate, it just goes to show that traditional medical advice sometimes really does know best.

Still, it seems like a sort of vicious trade-off, kind of like the antidote you take for a brown recluse spider bite, but which can wreck your liver, or cancer treatments that can give you a few more years of life but leave you seriously messed up in the meantime.

Mmm...single malt! A toast to your health (or mine, anyway)!


Pa've said...

I'm confused, No, wait, I'm drunk! And its good for me! TO heck with moderation.

thehim said...

Hey, wait a second! This research was done by a Mr. J. Daniels of Tennessee.

The Moody Minstrel said...

And your point is?

Relatively Exact said...

You mean whiskey is healthier than this?

thehim said...

And your point is?

I'm not sure I had a point. :)