Monday, April 11, 2005

Time for a Long Hiatus

There are many excuses. The Muse is not moving me towards writing blog entries. Work is busy. Life is busy. My lower back hurts from sitting in an office chair too much. Ladybug is working until late, so I have dinner duty and I don't like TV dinners, so I cook real food. Spring is creating too much beauty to stay indoors. Political partisans and intellectual property lawyers are creating an atmosphere that poisons free expression. I don't have the backing of a political party or a large corporation, so I am not going to stick my neck out to have it chopped off.

For better or worse, this blog is tied to my name and it creates legal and professional repercussions for myself and all who know me. If I try to protect privacy, I get accused of censorship and, quite frankly, I am tired of it. This weblog has strained several friendships and strengthened others. I think my favorite thing was to have met bloggers I don't know who came to visit and left comments. I know there are some kindred spirits up in Seattle and if I can ever break away on a Tuesday, maybe I will come say Hi at the pub. My least favorite was to be compared to Osama Bin Laden by people who know me that know better. Those are also colors that don't run or fade with time.

That isn't to say I am done with blogging, but I need a break. I've been doing this for 3 and a half years and it is time to do something better. Check the blog log on the right for great blogs and places to go.

Check back every so often because my mind changes all the time and Ladybug and The Moody Minstrel have their own times and ideas of what to post.

By the way, the winner of the Couple at Sunset Beach caption contest is Catfish Johnny Redbeard who came up with "Keep looking for the contact lens - we only have 10 minutes of light left."

(Moody does his own judging, but I would like to put in a good word for Vulgarius on the strange Japanese pic.)


The Moody Minstrel said...

Those caption contests are fixed!

Catfish Johnny Redbeard said...

It is terrible to conceive of negative repercussions of blogging. It is, however, understandable that in such a case one would wish to gain distance from life-altering controversy.

We'll miss you but hope to see your name popping up over at reload from time to time

Pa've said...

Clearly you are overloaded, I don't blame you for wanting to take a break, and sorry to hear that the blog world is so emotionally draining for you. Perhaps you are just taking the whole damn thing way too serious! But I think you need to at least keep a blog presence, because its a way for us all to communicate without all trying to fly half way across the world to meet in some bar for a couple hours. Tell you what, if the politics at AMIPOV are killing you, even if you feel compelled to be involved, just don't go there, that blog is about to take on a life of its own, anyway. I'm hooking up with outsiders, and it looks like the inner circle just feels that the temptation to go on a rampage is not worth losing friends over.

Don't worry about politics, don't worry about the blog, just look at the things in your life that are really important and do that, and try to get your company to help spread the load a little bit.

For instance, my kitchen is a mess. It always has been, always will be, and every once in a while I go through with a shovel and a gallon of 409. But its just one pressure I don't need when I myself have so many emotional things going on. Stress is stress. Sometimes, you just need to stay in bed all day, and count the speckles on the ceiling.

Don Snabulus said...

Those caption contests are fixed!

Yep! :D

Thanks CJR for coming to visit. I will still comment, I am only taking a break from blogging for a (long) while.

But I think you need to at least keep a blog presence

Pa've, I am tag teaming the blogging duties over to you. I enjoy reading your blogs and plan to comment there. I think more than anything, I am out of ideas...but you are starting fresh, so I will let you wrestle the electrons for a while.

Your ideas are a breath of fresh air.

Edward said...

I have no idea what you do for a living, but if you or anyone you know is canned for blogging on personal time, I gotta imagine there's a first amendment lawyer that wants to help you get rich from that case...Hope you'll keep commenting. You have a good mind.

Don Snabulus said...

Thanks for the kinds words. I think the same way about your posts (when I am not talking on a cell phone). I work for a small business with a number of HUGE multi-nationals as clients. We are easily intimidated. I probably wouldn't get fired, but business relationships would be strained. If and when I feel like I have some ideas to put out, I will probably start an alternate blog with no ties to this one (if I haven't already). If that happens, I will inform people privately. I will keep posting my general interest stuff here when the hiatus is over.

KJM said...

I completely understand. You will be missed. I too am waiting for a much needed break. I am holding out for the final Blazer game of the won't come soon enough!

Don Snabulus said...

;) Thanks KJM. You are a true sports fan. Let's hope the Blazers actually try to win next season. :)

thehim said...

I know how you feel, man. Balancing life, work, and blog can catch up to you. Thanks much for hanging out at Reload, definitely head up to Seattle any time. I'm at the DL's events almost every Tuesday.

Take care dude.