Sunday, February 06, 2005

Fun Place to Go

Ladybug and I went to Ashland for a little R & R this weekend. It was a surprise. Ladybug sneakily arranged it and refused to tell me where we were going until just before the trip.

We went to Lithia Springs Spa and Resort. We left Thursday and arrived late in the afternoon. We went into Ashland and walked around the downtown area. It is filled with $15-$20 entree restaurants, so we had to work to find cheap eats that weren't fast-food. We mixed a little of both throughout the trip. Quin's had good food and glacial service, Macaroni's Ristorante was good all around, and the bar and grill we had burgers at was very good as well. I will update the name if I remember it.

Ladybug arranged for massages for both of us. For me, massages are great for about 24 hours, then I always seem to wind up getting sore the next day. They must squish all the evil from my joints or something. Ladybug all had a couple of other spa treatments and we had a formal dinner added as part of a "weekend getaway" type package. This time of year is the off-season for the Shakespeare festival, so rates are lower. Also, the resort is a large garden which is largely dormant during February.

The formal dinner was quite nice with a number of courses and choice of a main entree. I ordered Monkfish and Ladybug had a tenderloin. They were both very well done and I consider that dinner the highlight of our trip. The appetizers and beverages were all synchronized to great effect.

The resort also includes breakfast as part of the package. The breakfasts were all quite good and generally involved a variety of cereals, fruits, a couple of hot entrees, juice, coffee, tea, and pastries. We usually chose a subset of those each day.

Lithia Springs Resort has natural mineral springs that are piped right into a hot tub in your room (we actually got a free upgrade to the hot tub room). Like all mineral springs, the water smells slightly of sulfur and feels strange to the skin. All manner of cure-all properties are ascribed to mineral springs; I will let you know if I experience a revival. After a few days of sulfur-smell in each bath and shower and indeed while washing hands, it gets a bit old. Therefore, a 2 or 3 day stay is probably about all one needs here. I did drink from a filtered source that cleaned out the smell and likely the minerals, so I doubt I received the full effect from imbibing these magical waters. I'm not sure how much "Lithia" I want in my system.

All in all, we had a very relaxing time and Ashland is a very funky, bohemian town with a number of characters and hyper-expensive real estate. I recommend the resort to all Snabulytes who can dredge up a couple hundred bucks for a weekend getaway.


The Moody Minstrel said...

I've never stayed in Ashland, but I've visited many times either as a day trip or just passing through on my way somewhere else. It has always been one of my favorite non-coastal places in Oregon if only for its uniquely Bohemian character. I've never been to the Shakespeare Festival, but I actually consider myself lucky for that for various reasons, not least of which is the crowds.

I hear you with regard to the difficulty of finding a good, cheap restaurant. Most everything there is geared toward the artsy-fartsy (i.e. drama snobs) crowd. The last time I was there they didn't even have any convenience stores! I was hard-pressed to find a non-fast-food lunch I could buy with my pocket money...and finally settled on a pretty good bagel sandwich at a tea shop that just radiated long-hair-and-Birkenstocks vibes.
It kind of makes me wonder how the students from the college live.

I wasn't really familiar with the Lithia Springs Spa and Resort, but I think I'll have to look into it if I'm ever in Oregon for more than a week or two. It sounds great!

Ah, Snabby...if you didn't try drinking the lithia water from that circle of drinking fountains in the middle of a cul-de-sac near Lithia Park, you haven't really been to Ashland!

Don Snabulus said...

The fountains were turned off for the winter. I had my chance at the resort, but I don't drink water that stinks without a full list of health agents, also known as impurities, spelled out in detail.

ladybug said...

The "Lithia" in the Lithia springs (and in Lithia Way in Ashland) is from Lithium, which occurs naturally in the water here.

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