Friday, January 14, 2005

Another Rock n' Roll Icon Gets His Name Entered In The Mortality Book

Spencer Dryden, who was the drummer for the Jefferson Airplane during their glory years (1967-1970) has passed on. He also played for a while with a sideline band that followed the Grateful Dead. Considering the shape his body was in (various parts operated on or in desperate need thereof) as well as his state of joss (having his house burn down along with all his possessions in 2003), I can't say I'm too surprised.

Most of us regulars on Snabulus were preschoolers to kindergarteners when Jefferson Airplane were big. Still, their contribution to the rock n' roll scene was an important one regardless of your opinion of Grace Slick.

Farewell, Spencer. I hope your wild, drug-induced dreams of Heaven are being fulfilled.

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Don Snabulus said...

Regardless of my opinion about Marty Balin, I toast the life of Spencer Dryden. May he have a big drum kit up in heaven.