Sunday, January 16, 2005

4 Quick Movie Reviews

We had a DVD watching frenzy this week. Here are the reviews:
(1 - 5 stars, 5 is best)

Napoleon Dynamite (***): Kind of a retro nerd in a rural town movie. It had some funny lines, some of which will be classics, but it dragged in a few places.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (***1/2): If you are sick of Jim Carrey and would like to see him lose the "over the top" routine and act for a change, this is your movie. Kate Winslet is hot; okay, I said it. The movie had the disjointed quality of a dream and was in danger of losing me for a while because of it, but it recovered for a poignant ending. (False spoiler written backwards: .silihpys fo deid enoyrevE)

Anchorman (***1/2): Starring Wil Ferrel, Anchorman is a funny flick about being a TV anchorman during the rise of women in the workplace in the 70s. I am starting to figure out Ferrel's schtick, so I hope he doesn't pull a Mike Myers and replay the same role over and over (oh wow, the Cat in the Hat can fake a Scottish accent).

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (***1/2): John Cho and Kal Penn play a Korean-American and an Indian-American who get stoned and decide their most important goal is to have a White Castle burger. The movie uses racial stereotypes to get some good comedy, but it turned out to be on the adult side of R with some fairly explicit sexual references, so it wouldn't be appropriate for anyone under about 16. There were some spots that dragged on, but I laughed pretty hard several times.

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